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Meaning: substance

Die Substanz des Medikaments ist sehr wirksam.

The substance of the medication is very effective.

Meaning: material

Das Gebäude besteht aus einer robusten Substanz.

The building is made of a sturdy material.

Meaning: essence

Der Redner konnte die Substanz seiner Argumente nicht überzeugend darlegen.

The speaker could not convincingly present the essence of his arguments.

Meaning: content

Der Artikel hat einen interessanten Inhalt, aber die Substanz fehlt.

The article has an interesting content, but lacks substance.

Meaning: drugs

Der Verdächtige wurde mit illegalen Substanzen erwischt.

The suspect was caught with illegal drugs.


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A1: Ich habe eine Substanz in der Flasche gefunden.

A1: I found a substance in the bottle.

A1: Die Substanz ist giftig.

A1: The substance is toxic.

A1: Kannst du mir bitte die Substanz geben?

A1: Can you please give me the substance?

B1: Die chemische Substanz wird zur Herstellung von Medikamenten verwendet.

B1: The chemical substance is used for the production of medications.

B1: Die Substanz hat sich im Laufe der Zeit verändert.

B1: The substance has changed over time.

B2: Es wurde festgestellt, dass die Substanz gesundheitsschädlich ist.

B2: It was determined that the substance is harmful to health.

C1: Die Forscher untersuchen die Eigenschaften dieser neu entdeckten Substanz intensiv.

C1: The researchers are intensively studying the properties of this newly discovered substance.

C1: Es besteht ein Zusammenhang zwischen der Substanz und bestimmten Krankheiten.

C1: There is a connection between the substance and certain diseases.

C2: Durch gezielte Modifikationen konnten sie die Substanz in ein wirksames Medikament umwandeln.

C2: Through targeted modifications, they were able to transform the substance into an effective medication.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun 'Substanz' refers to substance in English. It is a term used to describe the physical matter or material of something, as well as its essential nature or essence. In a broader sense, 'Substanz' can also refer to the fundamental qualities or characteristics that make something what it is.

In philosophy and metaphysics, 'Substanz' is often associated with the concept of substance theory, which posits that objects are composed of both physical and non-physical substances. This idea has been influential in various philosophical traditions throughout history.

In everyday language, 'Substanz' can be used to talk about the tangible or concrete aspects of an object or entity, such as its physical composition or chemical makeup. It can also be used metaphorically to discuss the underlying or essential elements of a concept, argument, or situation.

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