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Meaning: system

Das Computersystem ist sehr leistungsfähig.

The computer system is very powerful.

Meaning: system

Unser politisches System basiert auf demokratischen Prinzipien.

Our political system is based on democratic principles.

Meaning: system

Das Verkehrssystem in der Stadt ist gut ausgebaut.

The transportation system in the city is well-developed.

Meaning: system

In unserem Körper gibt es ein komplexes Immunsystem.

Our body has a complex immune system.

Meaning: system

Der Lieferservice hat ein effizientes Bestellsystem.

The delivery service has an efficient ordering system.


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A1: Das deutsche Schulsystem ist sehr gut.

The German school system is very good.

A1: Ich habe ein neues Computersystem gekauft.

I bought a new computer system.

A1: Mein Bruder arbeitet im Gesundheitssystem.

My brother works in the healthcare system.

B1: Die Regierung plant, das Steuersystem zu reformieren.

The government plans to reform the tax system.

B1: In unserem Unternehmen wird ein neues Buchhaltungssystem eingeführt.

A new accounting system is being introduced in our company.

B1: Der Ingenieur entwickelt ein innovatives Energiespeichersystem.

The engineer is developing an innovative energy storage system.

C1: Die Wissenschaftler haben ein komplexes Informationssystem entwickelt, um große Datenmengen zu analysieren.

The scientists have developed a complex information system to analyze large amounts of data.

C1: Das Verkehrssystem in der Stadt muss verbessert werden, um den Verkehrsfluss zu optimieren.

The transportation system in the city needs to be improved to optimize traffic flow.

C1: Das Unternehmen hat ein effizientes Logistiksystem implementiert, um die Lieferkette zu optimieren.

The company has implemented an efficient logistics system to optimize the supply chain.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

A system is a set of interconnected elements or components that work together to achieve a common goal or purpose.

In general, a system can be thought of as an organized and structured arrangement of parts that interact with each other in a coordinated manner.

Systems can be found in various domains such as nature (e.g., ecosystems), technology (e.g., computer systems), society (e.g., legal systems), and many others.

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