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Meaning: valley

Das Tal zwischen den Bergen ist sehr schön.

The valley between the mountains is very beautiful.

Meaning: dale

Wir wanderten durch das grüne Tal.

We hiked through the green dale.

Meaning: glen

Der Fluss fließt durch das enge Tal.

The river flows through the narrow glen.

Meaning: hollow

Die Kinder spielten im tiefen Tal.

The children played in the deep hollow.

Meaning: ravine

Der Wanderweg führt durch die schmale Schlucht des Tals.

The hiking trail leads through the narrow ravine of the valley.


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A1: Das Tal ist sehr schön.

The valley is very beautiful.

A1: Wir wandern gerne im Tal.

We like to hike in the valley.

A1: Das Tal liegt zwischen den Bergen.

The valley is located between the mountains.

B1: Im Tal gibt es viele grüne Wiesen.

In the valley, there are many green meadows.

B1: Die Wanderer sind durch das Tal gewandert.

The hikers walked through the valley.

B2: Das Tal wurde von einem Fluss geformt.

The valley was formed by a river.

C1: Das Tal erstreckt sich über eine Länge von 20 Kilometern.

The valley extends over a length of 20 kilometers.

C1: Das Tal ist von einer atemberaubenden Landschaft umgeben.

The valley is surrounded by a breathtaking landscape.

C2: Das Tal hat eine reiche historische Bedeutung für die Region.

The valley has a rich historical significance for the region.

Advanced Description

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The German noun 'Tal' translates to 'valley' in English. It refers to a low-lying area of land between hills or mountains, often with a river or stream running through it.

In Germany, there are numerous picturesque valleys that attract tourists from all over the world. These valleys offer stunning natural landscapes, with lush greenery, meandering rivers, and sometimes even charming villages nestled within them.

Tals are not only beautiful but also play an important role in agriculture and human settlements. They provide fertile soil for farming and serve as transportation corridors. Many cities and towns have developed along the banks of rivers flowing through valleys.

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