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Meaning: dance

Sie liebt es, zu tanzen.

She loves to dance.

Meaning: ball

Der Tanz war sehr elegant.

The ball was very elegant.

Meaning: step

Er machte einen falschen Tanz.

He made a wrong step.

Meaning: rhythm

Dieser Song hat einen eingängigen Tanz.

This song has a catchy rhythm.

Meaning: movement

Die Tänze der Vögel sind faszinierend.

The movements of the birds are fascinating.


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A1: Ich liebe Tanz.

A1: I love dance.

A1: Wir gehen heute Abend zum Tanzkurs.

A1: We are going to the dance class tonight.

A1: Tanzen macht Spaß!

A1: Dancing is fun!

B1: Sie hat viele verschiedene Tänze gelernt, wie Salsa und Walzer.

B1: She has learned many different dances, like salsa and waltz.

B2: Gestern habe ich einen Tanzwettbewerb gewonnen.

B2: Yesterday, I won a dance competition.

B2: Nächste Woche werde ich an einem Tanzworkshop teilnehmen.

B2: Next week, I will participate in a dance workshop.

C1: Der moderne Tanz hat sich im Laufe der Jahre stark weiterentwickelt.

C1: Modern dance has evolved significantly over the years.

C1: Die Choreografie des Balletts war atemberaubend schön.

C1: The choreography of the ballet was breathtakingly beautiful.

C2: Er beherrscht alle Tanztechniken perfekt und ist ein herausragender Tänzer.

C2: He masters all dance techniques perfectly and is an outstanding dancer.

Advanced Description

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The German noun 'Tanz' translates to 'dance' in English. It refers to a rhythmic movement of the body, usually accompanied by music and performed for artistic expression, social interaction, or cultural significance.

Dancing is a universal form of human expression that has been practiced for centuries across different cultures and societies. It can take various forms, such as ballet, contemporary dance, folk dance, ballroom dance, and many more.

Tanz plays an important role in various aspects of life, including entertainment, cultural traditions, religious ceremonies, and physical exercise. It allows individuals to express their emotions, communicate non-verbally, and connect with others through movement.

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