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Tat is a German noun that translates to 'act' or 'deed'. It refers to any action taken by an individual, whether it be positive or negative.

Part of speech





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Meaning: Action, deed

Die Tat des Diebstahls ist strafbar.

The act of theft is punishable.

Meaning: Fact, event

Die Tat des Attentäters hat das Land geschockt.

The act of the attacker has shocked the country.

Meaning: Achievement, accomplishment

Seine sportliche Tat wird in die Geschichte eingehen.

His athletic achievement will go down in history.

Meaning: Gesture, action

Eine kleine Tat der Freundlichkeit kann viel bewirken.

A small gesture of kindness can make a big difference.


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Ich habe eine Tat begangen.

I have committed a deed.

Die Polizei hat die Tat untersucht.

The police investigated the crime.

Er wurde für seine Tat bestraft.

He was punished for his action.

Die Tat des Mörders war grausam.

The murderer's act was cruel.

Die Tat hatte schwerwiegende Folgen.

The action had serious consequences.

Der Täter gestand seine Tat vor Gericht.

The perpetrator confessed his crime in court.

Die Tat war geplant und gut durchdacht.

The deed was planned and well thought out.

Der Verdächtige wird der Tat beschuldigt.

The suspect is accused of the crime.

Die Tatverdächtigen wurden verhaftet und vernommen.

The suspects were arrested and interrogated.

Advanced Description

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In German law, Tat is often used in the context of criminal acts. It refers to the specific act committed by the perpetrator and is an important factor in determining the severity of the crime and the resulting punishment.

Tat can also be used in a more general sense to describe any action taken by someone. This could include anything from completing a task at work to committing a heroic act of bravery.

The word Tat is derived from the Old High German word 'tât', which means 'deed' or 'action'. Its usage has evolved over time, but it remains an important concept in German language and culture.

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