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Tier is a German noun that translates to 'animal' in English. It refers to any living organism that is not a plant or human and possesses the ability to move on its own.

Part of speech



das Tier


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Meaning: animal

Ich liebe es, Tiere im Zoo zu besuchen.

I love visiting animals at the zoo.

Meaning: tier (as in a layer or level)

Die oberste Tier des Kuchens ist mit Schokolade bedeckt.

The top layer of the cake is covered in chocolate.

Meaning: rank (in military or society)

Er hat den Rang eines Generals erreicht.

He has achieved the rank of general.


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Ich habe ein Tier im Zoo gesehen.

I saw an animal at the zoo.

Mein Lieblingstier ist der Hund.

My favorite animal is the dog.

Das Tier hat Angst vor dem Feuerwerk.

The animal is afraid of the fireworks.

Die Tiere auf dem Bauernhof werden jeden Morgen gefüttert.

The animals on the farm are fed every morning.

Wir haben gestern einen Tierarzt für unser krankes Haustier gerufen.

Yesterday we called a veterinarian for our sick pet.

In Afrika gibt es viele wilde Tiere wie Löwen und Elefanten.

In Africa there are many wild animals like lions and elephants.

Ich hätte nie gedacht, dass ich einmal ein Tier schlachten würde.

I never thought I would slaughter an animal.

Die Tierhaltung in manchen Betrieben ist leider nicht artgerecht.

The keeping of animals in some farms is unfortunately not species-appropriate.

Der Jäger erlegte das Tier mit einem gezielten Schuss.

The hunter killed the animal with a precise shot.

Advanced Description

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In Germany, Tier is used as a general term for all animals, including domesticated pets, farm animals, and wild creatures. The word can also be used to refer to specific types of animals, such as mammals, birds, reptiles, or insects.

The concept of Tier has played an important role in German culture and history. For example, animal welfare is taken very seriously in Germany, with strict laws protecting the rights of animals. Additionally, many traditional German fairy tales and folk stories feature animals as main characters or symbols.

Overall, Tier is a fundamental concept in the German language and culture. Understanding its meaning and significance can provide valuable insight into the country's values and traditions.

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