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Ursache is a German noun that translates to 'cause' or 'reason' in English. It refers to the underlying factor or factors that lead to a particular event or outcome.

Part of speech





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Meaning: cause

Die Ursache für den Unfall war ein technischer Defekt.

The cause of the accident was a technical defect.

Meaning: reason

Ich kann dir die genaue Ursache seines Verhaltens nicht sagen.

I can't tell you the exact reason for his behavior.

Meaning: origin

Der Rhein hat seine Ursachen in den Schweizer Alpen.

The Rhine has its origin in the Swiss Alps.

Meaning: source

Die Fabrik ist eine der Hauptursachen für die Umweltverschmutzung.

The factory is one of the main sources of pollution.


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A1: Die Ursache für das Feuer war ein Kurzschluss.

A1: The cause of the fire was a short circuit.

A1: Der Arzt hat die Ursache meiner Kopfschmerzen gefunden.

A1: The doctor found the cause of my headache.

A1: Ich möchte die Ursache meines Fehlers verstehen.

A1: I want to understand the cause of my mistake.

B1: Die Polizei ermittelt noch immer die Ursache des Unfalls.

B1: The police are still investigating the cause of the accident.

B1: Es ist wichtig, die Ursachen von Stress zu identifizieren.

B1: It is important to identify the causes of stress.

B1: Die Wissenschaftler haben die genetische Ursache der Krankheit entdeckt.

B1: The scientists have discovered the genetic cause of the disease.

C1: Die Ursache für den Klimawandel liegt in der zunehmenden Treibhausgasemission.

C1: The cause of climate change lies in the increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

C1: Die Untersuchung versucht, die tiefere Ursache des Konflikts aufzudecken.

C1: The investigation tries to uncover the deeper cause of the conflict.

C1: Die Ursache des wirtschaftlichen Abschwungs liegt in der globalen Finanzkrise.

C1: The cause of the economic downturn lies in the global financial crisis.

Advanced Description

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In many contexts, understanding the Ursache of a situation is crucial for finding effective solutions or making informed decisions. For example, in medicine, identifying the Ursache of a patient's symptoms is essential for determining the appropriate treatment plan. In legal proceedings, determining the Ursache of a crime is necessary for assigning responsibility and meting out justice.

The concept of Ursache is closely related to that of Wirkung, which means 'effect'. Together, they form the basis of causality, which is the relationship between cause and effect. While Ursache refers to the cause itself, Wirkung describes the observable consequences or outcomes that result from it.

It's worth noting that Ursache can have both positive and negative connotations. On one hand, it can refer to the root cause of a successful outcome or achievement. On the other hand, it can also refer to the cause of a problem or negative outcome. Understanding both types of Ursache can be valuable for learning from past experiences and improving future outcomes.

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