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Vater is a German noun that means father in English.

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Meaning: father

Mein Vater ist Arzt.

My father is a doctor.

Meaning: parent

Die Mutter und der Vater kümmern sich um das Kind.

The mother and the father take care of the child.

Meaning: ancestor

Unsere Väter haben hart gearbeitet, um uns ein besseres Leben zu ermöglichen.

Our ancestors worked hard to give us a better life.

Meaning: founder

Er gilt als einer der Väter des modernen Computers.

He is considered one of the founders of the modern computer.


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A1: Mein Vater ist Arzt.

My father is a doctor.

A1: Ich habe meinen Vater gestern angerufen.

I called my father yesterday.

A1: Wo ist dein Vater?

Where is your father?

B1: Mein Vater hat mir geholfen, mein Auto zu reparieren.

My father helped me to repair my car.

B1: Wenn ich Zeit habe, werde ich meinen Vater besuchen.

When I have time, I will visit my father.

B1: Mein Vater war früher Lehrer, aber jetzt ist er Rentner.

My father used to be a teacher, but now he is retired.

C1: Obwohl mein Vater schon alt ist, arbeitet er immer noch jeden Tag.

Although my father is already old, he still works every day.

C1: Mein Vater hätte gerne ein neues Auto, aber es ist zu teuer für ihn.

My father would like to have a new car, but it is too expensive for him.

C1: Mein Vater wird nächste Woche 60 Jahre alt.

My father will turn 60 next week.

Advanced Description

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In German culture, the role of the Vater or father is highly valued. Traditionally, the father was seen as the head of the household and responsible for providing for his family. While this dynamic has shifted in modern times, the importance of a strong paternal figure remains significant.

The relationship between a child and their Vater can vary greatly depending on individual circumstances. Some children may have a close and loving bond with their father, while others may struggle with feelings of distance or abandonment. Regardless of the nature of the relationship, the role of the Vater in shaping a child's development cannot be overstated.

In German language and literature, the concept of the Vater often takes on symbolic significance. The idea of the father figure as a source of guidance and wisdom is explored in many works of art and literature. Additionally, the term 'Vaterland' is used to refer to one's homeland or country, emphasizing the connection between familial relationships and national identity.

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