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Verwendung is a German noun that means the act of using or utilizing something for a particular purpose.

Part of speech





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Meaning: use

Die Verwendung von Mobiltelefonen ist in der Schule verboten.

The use of mobile phones is prohibited in school.

Meaning: application

Diese Software hat viele verschiedene Verwendungen.

This software has many different applications.

Meaning: utilization

Die effiziente Verwendung von Ressourcen ist wichtig für die Umwelt.

Efficient utilization of resources is important for the environment.

Meaning: employment

Die Verwendung von Robotern führt zu weniger menschlicher Beschäftigung.

The employment of robots leads to less human labor.

Meaning: usage

Bitte beachten Sie die korrekte Verwendung des Produkts.

Please observe the proper usage of the product.


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A1: Die Verwendung von Wasser ist wichtig für das Überleben.

The use of water is important for survival.

A1: Ich habe eine Verwendung für diese alten Bücher.

I have a use for these old books.

A1: Kannst du mir die Verwendung dieses Werkzeugs zeigen?

Can you show me the use of this tool?

B1: Die Verwendung von Smartphones hat in den letzten Jahren zugenommen.

The use of smartphones has increased in recent years.

B1: Er hat die Verwendung des Computers erlernt, als er noch ein Kind war.

He learned to use the computer when he was still a child.

B1: Die Verwendung von Plastikflaschen ist umweltschädlich.

The use of plastic bottles is harmful to the environment.

C1: Die Verwendung dieser Software erfordert fortgeschrittene Kenntnisse.

The use of this software requires advanced knowledge.

C1: Die Verwendung von Statistiken kann helfen, bessere Entscheidungen zu treffen.

The use of statistics can help make better decisions.

C1: Die Verwendung von Fremdwörtern kann die Kommunikation erschweren.

The use of foreign words can make communication more difficult.

Advanced Description

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Verwendung is an important concept in various fields, including linguistics, technology, and law. In linguistics, it refers to the use of language in different contexts and situations. For example, the Verwendung of formal language in academic writing versus informal language in casual conversation. In technology, Verwendung relates to the utilization of software or hardware for specific tasks or functions. In law, Verwendung can refer to the lawful use of property or resources.

The term Verwendung is often used in combination with other words to describe specific types of usage. For instance, Datenverwendung refers to the use of data, while Sprachverwendung refers to the use of language. Additionally, Verwendungsprüfung is a term used in quality control to describe testing the usability and functionality of a product.

Overall, Verwendung is a versatile word that describes the act of using something for a particular purpose. Its applications are widespread and varied, making it an essential concept to understand in many fields.

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