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Meaning: bird

Der Vogel singt im Baum.

The bird is singing in the tree.

Meaning: plane

Das Flugzeug ist ein schneller Vogel.

The airplane is a fast bird.

Meaning: penis

Er hat einen kleinen Vogel.

He has a small penis.


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A1: Der Vogel fliegt hoch in den Himmel.

A1: The bird flies high into the sky.

A1: Meine Oma füttert die Vögel im Park.

A1: My grandma feeds the birds in the park.

A2: Gestern habe ich einen schönen Vogel gesehen.

A2: Yesterday I saw a beautiful bird.

B1: Die Vögel zwitscherten fröhlich im Baum.

B1: The birds chirped happily in the tree.

B1: Ich werde morgen Vogelfutter kaufen, um die Vögel anzulocken.

B1: Tomorrow, I will buy bird food to attract the birds.

B2: Als ich gestern spazieren ging, sah ich einen Vogel, der sein Nest baute.

B2: Yesterday, when I was taking a walk, I saw a bird building its nest.

C1: Die Zugvögel sind bereits in wärmere Gefilde geflogen.

C1: The migratory birds have already flown to warmer regions.

C1: Es ist erstaunlich, wie präzise manche Vögel ihre Nester bauen.

C1: It is amazing how precisely some birds build their nests.

C2: Die Ornithologin beobachtete den seltenen Vogel durch ihr Fernglas.

C2: The ornithologist observed the rare bird through her binoculars.

Advanced Description

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The German noun 'Vogel' translates to 'bird' in English. It is a common word used to refer to any member of the class Aves, which includes animals with feathers, wings, and the ability to fly.

In Germany, birds are an important part of the country's biodiversity. There are over 500 species of birds that can be found in various habitats, such as forests, meadows, lakes, and cities. Some of the most common bird species in Germany include sparrows, blackbirds, robins, and pigeons.

Birds play a significant role in German culture and folklore. They are often associated with freedom, beauty, and the natural world. Birds are also admired for their singing abilities and are considered symbols of joy and happiness.

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