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Meaning: wall

Das Bild hängt an der Wand.

The picture is hanging on the wall.

Meaning: mural

Die Künstlerin gestaltet eine Wand in der Innenstadt.

The artist is creating a mural in the city center.

Meaning: partition

Wir haben eine Wand zwischen den beiden Räumen gebaut.

We built a partition between the two rooms.

Meaning: screen

Der Beamer projiziert das Bild auf die Leinwandwand.

The projector projects the image onto the screen.

Meaning: side

Ich stehe auf deiner Seite und unterstütze dich.

I stand by your side and support you.


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A1: Die Wand ist blau.

The wall is blue.

A1: Ich hänge ein Bild an die Wand.

I hang a picture on the wall.

A2: Die Kinder malen auf der Wand.

The children are painting on the wall.

B1: Er hat das Poster an die Wand gehängt.

He hung the poster on the wall.

B1: Die Wand wurde gestrichen.

The wall was painted.

B2: Wir haben eine neue Tapete an der Wand angebracht.

We have put up a new wallpaper on the wall.

C1: Die Wand war mit Graffiti besprüht worden.

The wall had been sprayed with graffiti.

C1: Sie werden die Wand verputzen lassen.

They will have the wall plastered.

C2: Nach dem Erdbeben stürzte die Wand ein.

After the earthquake, the wall collapsed.

Advanced Description

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A wand is a thin, straight, and often pointed stick or rod that is typically made of wood or metal. It is used as a tool or instrument for various purposes, such as magic, spellcasting, or directing energy.

In the context of magic and fantasy literature, wands are often associated with wizards, witches, and other magical beings. They are believed to possess supernatural powers and are used to channel and control magical forces.

Wands have been depicted in various mythologies and folklore throughout history. They can be found in different cultures and traditions around the world, each with their own unique symbolism and significance.

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