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Welt is a German noun that translates to 'world' in English. It refers to the entirety of everything that exists, including all matter, energy, and space.

Part of speech





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Meaning: world

Die Welt ist rund.

The world is round.

Meaning: cosmos

Das Universum ist unendlich groß.

The cosmos is infinitely large.

Meaning: global society

In der heutigen Welt gibt es viele kulturelle Unterschiede.

In today's global society, there are many cultural differences.

Meaning: realm

Die Welt der Wissenschaft ist sehr komplex.

The realm of science is very complex.

Meaning: existence

Ich frage mich manchmal, was meine Rolle in dieser Welt ist.

I sometimes wonder what my role in this existence is.


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Die Welt ist groß und vielfältig.

The world is big and diverse.

Ich möchte die Welt bereisen.

I want to travel the world.

Die Kinder lernen in der Schule viel über die Welt.

The children learn a lot about the world in school.

Die Globalisierung hat die Welt verändert.

Globalization has changed the world.

In der heutigen Welt gibt es viele Konflikte.

In today's world, there are many conflicts.

Viele Menschen träumen davon, die Welt zu verbessern.

Many people dream of improving the world.

Seit ich die Welt bereist habe, sehe ich sie mit anderen Augen.

Since I have traveled the world, I see it with different eyes.

Die Wissenschaftler erforschen weiterhin die Geheimnisse der Welt.

Scientists continue to explore the secrets of the world.

Die Umweltprobleme haben Auswirkungen auf die ganze Welt.

Environmental problems have an impact on the whole world.

Advanced Description

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The concept of Welt has been discussed and debated by philosophers, theologians, and scientists for centuries. Some argue that it is a physical entity that can be studied and understood through scientific inquiry, while others believe it to be a more abstract concept that cannot be fully comprehended by human beings.

In everyday language, Welt is often used to refer to the planet Earth and its inhabitants. However, it can also encompass the entire universe and all of its contents.

The idea of Welt has played an important role in many cultures throughout history. It has been the subject of countless works of art, literature, and music, as well as religious and philosophical texts. Understanding the concept of Welt can provide insight into how different societies view themselves and their place in the world.

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