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The German noun 'Wert' translates to 'value' in English.

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Meaning: value

Der Wert dieses Hauses ist sehr hoch.

The value of this house is very high.

Meaning: worth

Dieses Gemälde hat einen hohen Wert.

This painting has a high worth.

Meaning: importance

Die Bildung hat einen hohen Wert in unserer Gesellschaft.

Education has a high importance in our society.

Meaning: price

Der Wert dieser Uhr beträgt 500 Euro.

The price of this watch is 500 euros.

Meaning: merit

Er hat große Werte für die Gemeinschaft geschaffen.

He has created great merits for the community.


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A1: Der Wert des Hauses beträgt 200.000 Euro.

The value of the house is 200,000 euros.

A1: Was ist der Wert dieser Münze?

What is the value of this coin?

A1: Der Wert einer guten Ausbildung ist unschätzbar.

The value of a good education is invaluable.

B1: Die Firma hat den Wert ihrer Aktien gesteigert.

The company has increased the value of its shares.

B1: Sie haben den Wert des Grundstücks falsch eingeschätzt.

They underestimated the value of the property.

B1: Der Wert des Autos wird in den nächsten Jahren voraussichtlich steigen.

The value of the car is expected to increase in the coming years.

C1: Die Diskussion drehte sich um den moralischen Wert des Kunstwerks.

The discussion revolved around the moral value of the artwork.

C1: Es ist wichtig, den kulturellen Wert von Traditionen zu erkennen und zu respektieren.

It is important to recognize and respect the cultural value of traditions.

C1: Der Wert eines Menschenlebens kann nicht in Geld gemessen werden.

The value of a human life cannot be measured in money.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In German, the word 'Wert' is commonly used to refer to the quality or importance of something. It can describe the intrinsic worth or significance of an object, idea, or concept. 'Wert' can also be used in a more abstract sense to represent moral values or principles.

Understanding the concept of 'Wert' is essential in various fields such as economics, philosophy, and ethics. In economics, 'Wert' is often associated with the monetary value of goods and services. Philosophically, it relates to the evaluation and assessment of different aspects of life. Additionally, in ethical discussions, 'Wert' plays a crucial role in determining what is considered right or wrong.

When using the word 'Wert', it is important to consider its context to fully grasp its meaning. Whether discussing the value of an item, the worth of an individual, or the importance of certain beliefs, 'Wert' encompasses a broad range of interpretations that contribute to our understanding of value and significance.

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