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Meaning: weather

Das Wetter heute ist schön.

The weather today is beautiful.

Meaning: forecast

Die Wettervorhersage sagt Regen voraus.

The weather forecast predicts rain.

Meaning: climate

Das Wetter in dieser Region ist sehr mild.

The climate in this region is very mild.

Meaning: condition

Das Wetter beeinflusst meine Stimmung.

The weather affects my mood.

Meaning: atmosphere

Die Party hatte eine tolle Atmosphäre.

The party had a great atmosphere.


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A1: Das Wetter ist schön.

A1: The weather is nice.

A1: Ich mag das warme Wetter.

A1: I like the warm weather.

A1: Heute regnet es.

A1: It's raining today.

B1: Das Wetter wird morgen schlechter sein.

B1: The weather will be worse tomorrow.

B1: Gestern hat es den ganzen Tag geschneit.

B1: It snowed all day yesterday.

B2: Wenn das Wetter gut ist, gehen wir schwimmen.

B2: If the weather is good, we'll go swimming.

C1: Es wird erwartet, dass sich das Wetter in den nächsten Tagen verbessert.

C1: It is expected that the weather will improve in the next few days.

C1: Das Wetterphänomen El Niño beeinflusst das Klima weltweit.

C1: The weather phenomenon El Niño affects the climate worldwide.

C2: Die Vorhersage für das Wochenende besagt, dass das Wetter unbeständig sein wird.

C2: The forecast for the weekend states that the weather will be unsettled.

Advanced Description

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The German noun 'Wetter' refers to the weather in English. It encompasses all atmospheric conditions such as temperature, precipitation, wind, and cloud cover that occur in a specific location at a given time.

Germany experiences a temperate seasonal climate with distinct variations throughout the year. The country is known for its changeable weather, influenced by its geographical position in Central Europe. Wetter can range from mild and sunny days during the summer months to cold and snowy winters.

Understanding the Wetter is essential for planning outdoor activities, dressing appropriately, and making travel arrangements. Weather forecasts are widely available in Germany through various sources such as television, radio, websites, and mobile applications.

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