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Meaning: week

Ich habe diese Woche viel Arbeit.

I have a lot of work this week.

Meaning: weekly newspaper

Ich lese die Zeitung jede Woche.

I read the newspaper every week.

Meaning: seven days

Die Woche hat sieben Tage.

The week has seven days.

Meaning: workweek

Meine Arbeitswoche beginnt am Montag.

My workweek starts on Monday.


This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

A1: Diese Woche habe ich viel Arbeit.

A1: This week I have a lot of work.

A1: Nächste Woche fahre ich in den Urlaub.

A1: Next week I am going on vacation.

A2: Letzte Woche war das Wetter sehr schön.

A2: Last week the weather was very nice.

B1: In dieser Woche werde ich meinen Geburtstag feiern.

B1: This week I will celebrate my birthday.

B1: Vor zwei Wochen habe ich einen neuen Job angefangen.

B1: Two weeks ago I started a new job.

B2: In der nächsten Woche werde ich eine wichtige Präsentation halten.

B2: Next week I will give an important presentation.

C1: Seit Wochen versuche ich, ihn zu erreichen, aber er antwortet nicht.

C1: For weeks I have been trying to reach him, but he doesn't respond.

C1: Die vergangene Woche war geprägt von politischen Diskussionen.

C1: The past week was characterized by political discussions.

C2: In wenigen Wochen wird die neue Ausstellung eröffnet werden.

C2: In a few weeks, the new exhibition will be opened.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word 'Woche' is a German noun that translates to 'week' in English. It refers to a period of seven consecutive days, typically starting on Monday and ending on Sunday.

In Germany, the concept of the week is an important part of daily life and work. The standard workweek consists of five working days from Monday to Friday, with Saturday and Sunday being the weekend. Many businesses and institutions operate on this schedule.

The word 'Woche' can also be used in various contexts, such as 'letzte Woche' (last week), 'nächste Woche' (next week), or 'diese Woche' (this week), to refer to specific time periods within the larger framework of the seven-day cycle.

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