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Meaning: cell (biology)

Die Zelle ist die kleinste Einheit des Lebens.

The cell is the smallest unit of life.

Meaning: cell (prison)

Der Dieb wurde in eine Zelle gesperrt.

The thief was locked in a cell.

Meaning: cell (phone)

Ich habe mein Handy in meiner Zelle gelassen.

I left my phone in my cell.

Meaning: cell (room)

Das Hotelzimmer hatte nur eine kleine Zelle.

The hotel room had only a small cell.

Meaning: cell (battery)

Die Batterie meines Autos ist fast leer. Ich brauche eine neue Zelle.

The battery of my car is almost empty. I need a new cell.


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A1: Ich habe eine Zelle in meinem Körper.

A1: I have a cell in my body.

A1: Die Polizei hat den Dieb in einer Zelle eingesperrt.

A1: The police locked the thief in a cell.

A2: In der Biologie lernen wir über verschiedene Arten von Zellen.

A2: In biology, we learn about different types of cells.

B1: Die Zelle teilt sich durch Mitose.

B1: The cell divides through mitosis.

B1: Die Zelle wird durch die Membran geschützt.

B1: The cell is protected by the membrane.

B2: Die Zelle hat ihre Funktion verloren und ist abgestorben.

B2: The cell has lost its function and died.

C1: Die Stammzellen können in verschiedene Gewebe differenzieren.

C1: Stem cells can differentiate into various tissues.

C1: Die Zellteilung erfolgt in mehreren Phasen, darunter Interphase und Mitose.

C1: Cell division occurs in multiple phases, including interphase and mitosis.

C2: Die Forscher untersuchen die molekularen Mechanismen, die das Verhalten der Zellen beeinflussen.

C2: The researchers are investigating the molecular mechanisms that influence cell behavior.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun 'Zelle' translates to 'cell' in English. It refers to the basic structural and functional unit of all living organisms.

In biology, a cell is the smallest unit of life that can replicate independently. Cells are enclosed by a membrane and contain genetic material, which can be DNA or RNA.

Cells have various functions depending on their type, such as providing structure, storing energy, or carrying out specific tasks like transmitting signals or producing hormones.

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