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Meaning: center

Das Zentrum der Stadt ist sehr belebt.

The center of the city is very lively.

Meaning: core

Der Kern des Problems liegt in der Kommunikation.

The core of the problem lies in communication.

Meaning: hub

Frankfurt ist ein wichtiges Finanzzentrum in Europa.

Frankfurt is an important financial hub in Europe.

Meaning: middle

Er wohnt im Zentrum der Stadt.

He lives in the middle of the city.

Meaning: central

Die zentrale Lage des Hotels ermöglicht schnelle Erreichbarkeit aller Sehenswürdigkeiten.

The central location of the hotel allows for quick access to all attractions.


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A1: Das Zentrum der Stadt ist sehr lebhaft.

A1: The city center is very lively.

A1: Wir treffen uns im Einkaufszentrum.

A1: We are meeting at the shopping center.

A1: Das Zentrum des Kreises ist der Mittelpunkt.

A1: The center of the circle is the midpoint.

B1: Das Zentrum bietet viele kulturelle Veranstaltungen an.

B1: The center offers many cultural events.

B1: Ich habe mich im Zentrum verlaufen und musste nach dem Weg fragen.

B1: I got lost in the center and had to ask for directions.

B1: Das neue Einkaufszentrum wird nächstes Jahr eröffnet werden.

B1: The new shopping center will be opened next year.

C1: Das Forschungszentrum hat bahnbrechende Entdeckungen gemacht.

C1: The research center has made groundbreaking discoveries.

C1: Im Zentrum der Diskussion steht die Frage nach der Nachhaltigkeit.

C1: At the center of the discussion is the question of sustainability.

C1: Das Zentrum für Sprachwissenschaften bietet verschiedene Studiengänge an.

C1: The center for linguistics offers various study programs.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun "Zentrum" translates to "center" or "central point" in English. It is derived from the Latin word "centrum", meaning "middle" or "center".

In German, "Zentrum" can refer to various things depending on the context. It can denote a physical location that serves as the central hub or focal point of a city or town, such as a city center or downtown area. Additionally, it can also be used in a more abstract sense to describe the core or heart of something, like the central idea or theme of a book or movie.

Furthermore, "Zentrum" has political connotations in Germany. The term is commonly used to refer to the Centrist Party (Zentrumspartei), which was a major political party during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The Zentrumspartei played a significant role in German politics and represented the interests of Catholics and conservative-minded individuals.

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