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Zimmer is a German noun that translates to 'room' in English. It refers to an enclosed space within a building that is used for a specific purpose, such as sleeping, living, or working.

Part of speech





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Meaning: room

Das Hotelzimmer ist sehr gemütlich.

The hotel room is very cozy.

Meaning: chamber

Der Gerichtssaal ist ein großer und beeindruckender Raum.

The courtroom is a large and impressive chamber.

Meaning: compartment

Im Zug habe ich ein Abteil für mich alleine.

In the train, I have a compartment all to myself.

Meaning: cell

Der Gefangene wurde in eine Einzelzelle gebracht.

The prisoner was taken to a solitary cell.

Meaning: suite

Die Präsidentensuite im Hotel ist sehr luxuriös.

The presidential suite at the hotel is very luxurious.


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A1: Ich habe ein großes Zimmer.

A1: I have a big room.

A1: Das Hotelzimmer ist sauber.

A1: The hotel room is clean.

A1: Wir schlafen im selben Zimmer.

A1: We sleep in the same room.

B1: Ich möchte ein Einzelzimmer buchen.

B1: I would like to book a single room.

B1: Das Zimmermädchen hat das Bett gemacht.

B1: The maid made the bed.

B1: Er hat sein Zimmer mit einem Mitbewohner geteilt.

B1: He shared his room with a roommate.

C1: In meinem Zimmer herrscht eine angenehme Atmosphäre.

C1: There is a pleasant atmosphere in my room.

C1: Das Hotelzimmer verfügt über einen Balkon mit Meerblick.

C1: The hotel room has a balcony with sea view.

C1: Das Kinderzimmer wurde liebevoll eingerichtet.

C1: The children's room was lovingly decorated.

Advanced Description

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In Germany, the word Zimmer is commonly used to describe the various rooms within a house or apartment. For example, a bedroom would be called Schlafzimmer, while a living room would be known as Wohnzimmer. Other types of rooms include Badezimmer (bathroom), Küche (kitchen), and Arbeitszimmer (study).

When looking for accommodation in Germany, it's important to pay attention to the number of Zimmer advertised. This refers to the number of rooms available in the property, not including bathrooms or kitchens. So if you see an apartment advertised as '2-Zimmer', this means it has two separate rooms for living and sleeping.

The concept of Zimmer can also be found in other Germanic languages, such as Dutch (kamer) and Swedish (rum). However, the usage and connotations may differ slightly between cultures. In general, though, Zimmer refers to a private space that is designated for a specific purpose and provides a sense of comfort and security.

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