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Meaning: Anger

Er konnte seinen Zorn nicht mehr zurückhalten.

He could no longer contain his anger.

Meaning: Wrath

Der König entbrannte in Zorn über die Untreue seines Beraters.

The king was consumed with wrath over his advisor's betrayal.

Meaning: Fury

Sie schrie vor Zorn und warf das Buch gegen die Wand.

She screamed in fury and threw the book against the wall.

Meaning: Indignation

Sein Zorn über die Ungerechtigkeit war unübersehbar.

His indignation over the injustice was unmistakable.

Meaning: Rage

In seinem Zorn zerstörte er alles in seiner Umgebung.

In his rage, he destroyed everything in his surroundings.


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A1: Er war voller Zorn.

He was full of anger.

A1: Sie schrie vor Zorn.

She screamed in anger.

A1: Der Zorn des Königs kannte keine Grenzen.

The king's anger knew no bounds.

B1: Nachdem er den Brief gelesen hatte, brach sein Zorn aus.

After reading the letter, his anger erupted.

B1: Trotz seines Zorns versuchte er ruhig zu bleiben.

Despite his anger, he tried to stay calm.

B1: Ihr Zorn ließ nach und sie entschuldigte sich.

Her anger subsided and she apologized.

C1: Sein Zorn entflammte, als er die Lüge erkannte.

His anger flared up when he realized the lie.

C1: Der Zorn der Bevölkerung richtete sich gegen die Regierung.

The anger of the population was directed against the government.

C1: Sie unterdrückte ihren Zorn und blieb gelassen.

She suppressed her anger and remained calm.

Advanced Description

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Zorn is a German noun that translates to 'anger' or 'wrath' in English. It refers to a strong feeling of displeasure, hostility, or rage towards someone or something.

In German culture, expressing anger openly is generally considered less acceptable compared to some other cultures. Therefore, the concept of Zorn often involves suppressing or controlling one's anger rather than openly displaying it.

Zorn can be triggered by various factors such as injustice, betrayal, frustration, or personal offense. It can manifest through verbal outbursts, physical aggression, or passive-aggressive behavior.

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