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Meaning: train

Der Zug fährt um 8 Uhr ab.

The train departs at 8 o'clock.

Meaning: move

Die Kinder spielen im Zug.

The children are playing on the move.

Meaning: pull

Der Hund zieht am Zug.

The dog is pulling on the leash.

Meaning: draft

Der Autor schreibt den ersten Zug seines Buches.

The author is writing the first draft of his book.

Meaning: move in chess

Ich mache einen Zug mit dem Läufer.

I make a move with the bishop.


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A1: Der Zug fährt schnell.

The train is going fast.

A1: Ich nehme den Zug nach Berlin.

I'm taking the train to Berlin.

A1: Wo ist der Zugbahnhof?

Where is the train station?

B1: Der Zug hat Verspätung.

The train is delayed.

B1: Ich habe meinen Zug verpasst.

I missed my train.

B2: Der Zug wird in fünf Minuten abfahren.

The train will depart in five minutes.

B2: Wir sind mit dem Zug durch die Schweiz gereist.

We traveled through Switzerland by train.

C1: Der Zug war überfüllt und ich konnte keinen Sitzplatz finden.

The train was crowded and I couldn't find a seat.

C1: Wenn du den Zug verpasst, kannst du einen späteren nehmen.

If you miss the train, you can take a later one.

C2: Es ist ratsam, den Zug im Voraus zu buchen, um sicherzustellen, dass man einen Platz bekommt.

It is advisable to book the train in advance to ensure getting a seat.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun 'Zug' translates to 'train' in English. It refers to a connected series of vehicles on rails that is used for transporting passengers or goods from one place to another.

In Germany, trains are a popular mode of transportation due to their efficiency and extensive network. The Deutsche Bahn (German Railways) operates a vast number of train services across the country, connecting major cities and towns.

Trains in Germany are known for their punctuality and comfort. They offer different classes of travel, ranging from standard seating to first-class compartments. Some trains also have amenities such as dining cars, Wi-Fi, and power outlets.

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