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Zuhause is a German noun that translates to 'home' in English. It refers to the place where someone lives, typically with their family or household members.

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Meaning: home

Ich bin zuhause.

I am at home.

Meaning: at home

Ich bleibe heute zuhause.

I am staying at home today.

Meaning: homely

Die Wohnung ist sehr gemütlich und fühlt sich wie ein Zuhause an.

The apartment is very cozy and feels like a home.

Meaning: hometown

Ich komme aus einem kleinen Dorf in der Nähe meiner Heimatstadt. Das ist mein Zuhause.

I come from a small village near my hometown. This is my home.


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Ich fühle mich zuhause sehr wohl.

I feel very comfortable at home.

Kommst du heute Abend zu mir nach Zuhause?

Are you coming to my home tonight?

Ich vermisse mein Zuhause.

I miss my home.

Zuhause ist es am schönsten.

Home is where the heart is.

Ich habe gestern den ganzen Tag zuhause geputzt.

Yesterday, I cleaned the whole day at home.

Wir werden bald unser neues Zuhause beziehen.

We will soon move into our new home.

Seitdem ich im Ausland lebe, schätze ich mein Zuhause noch mehr.

Since I live abroad, I appreciate my home even more.

Als ich nach Hause kam, war niemand zuhause.

When I came home, nobody was at home.

Ich werde das Wochenende zuhause verbringen und entspannen.

I will spend the weekend at home and relax.

Advanced Description

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Zuhause is an important concept in German culture, as it represents more than just a physical location. It embodies a sense of belonging and security, as well as a feeling of comfort and familiarity. For many Germans, Zuhause is the center of their social and emotional life, and they take great pride in creating a warm and welcoming environment for themselves and their loved ones.

The idea of Zuhause also extends beyond the traditional nuclear family structure. In recent years, there has been a growing trend towards alternative living arrangements such as shared housing, co-living spaces, and intentional communities. These new forms of Zuhause reflect changing societal values around community, sustainability, and personal fulfillment.

Overall, Zuhause is a deeply personal and subjective concept that can mean different things to different people. However, at its core, it represents a fundamental human need for safety, connection, and belonging.

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