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Zustand is a German noun that refers to the state or condition of something or someone.

Part of speech





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Meaning: condition

Der Zustand des Autos ist sehr gut.

The condition of the car is very good.

Meaning: state

Der Zustand des Patienten hat sich verbessert.

The state of the patient has improved.

Meaning: status

Ich möchte den Zustand meiner Bestellung überprüfen.

I would like to check the status of my order.

Meaning: situation

Die politische Lage im Land ist sehr instabil.

The political situation in the country is very unstable.

Meaning: mode

Das Gerät befindet sich im Energiesparmodus.

The device is in energy-saving mode.


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A1: Der Zustand des Patienten ist stabil.

The condition of the patient is stable.

A2: Ich bin in einem guten Zustand.

I am in a good condition.

A2: Der Zustand der Straße ist schlecht.

The condition of the road is bad.

B1: Der Zustand des Gebäudes hat sich verschlechtert.

The condition of the building has deteriorated.

B2: Wir müssen den Zustand der Maschine überprüfen lassen.

We need to have the condition of the machine checked.

B2: Der Zustand der Wirtschaft beeinflusst die politische Lage.

The state of the economy affects the political situation.

C1: Die Diagnose hängt vom Zustand des Gewebes ab.

The diagnosis depends on the condition of the tissue.

C2: Der Zustand der Umwelt ist besorgniserregend.

The state of the environment is alarming.

C2: Die Experten diskutierten den Zustand der Kunstwerke im Museum.

The experts discussed the condition of the artworks in the museum.

Advanced Description

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In German, Zustand is a commonly used word that can be applied to various contexts. It can refer to the physical state of an object, such as its shape, color, or texture. For example, if someone asks about the Zustand of a car, they are inquiring about its overall condition and whether it has any damages or defects.

Zustand can also describe the mental or emotional state of a person. This could include their mood, feelings, or level of consciousness. For instance, if a doctor asks about the Zustand of a patient, they are interested in their current health status and any symptoms they may be experiencing.

Furthermore, Zustand can be used in a broader sense to describe the overall situation or circumstances of something. This could apply to a country's political Zustand, the Zustand of an industry, or even the Zustand of the environment. In each case, Zustand refers to the current state of affairs and any relevant factors that contribute to it.

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