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Auch is a German adverb that means 'also' or 'too'. It is used to add something to what has already been said, or to indicate that something applies to more than one person or thing.

Part of speech



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Meaning: also/too

Ich esse gerne Pizza. Meine Schwester auch.

I like to eat pizza. My sister does too.

Meaning: even

Er hat auch schon als Kind Klavier gespielt.

He even played piano as a child.

Meaning: as well/as much/as many

Ich habe auch drei Geschwister.

I have three siblings as well.

Meaning: in addition

Ich habe heute viel zu tun. Ich muss auch noch einkaufen gehen.

I have a lot to do today. I also need to go shopping.

Meaning: indeed/certainly

Das ist auch meine Meinung.

That is certainly my opinion as well.


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A1: Ich gehe auch zur Schule.

A1: I also go to school.

A1: Ich mag Pizza und ich mag auch Pasta.

A1: I like pizza and I also like pasta.

A1: Ich bin auch müde.

A1: I am also tired.

B1: Ich habe auch schon mal in Deutschland gelebt.

B1: I have also lived in Germany before.

B1: Ich werde auch morgen wieder arbeiten gehen.

B1: I will also go to work again tomorrow.

B1: Ich würde auch gerne mal nach Australien reisen.

B1: I would also like to travel to Australia sometime.

C1: Auch wenn es schwierig ist, müssen wir weitermachen.

C1: Even if it is difficult, we must continue.

C1: Es ist wichtig, dass wir uns auch um die Umwelt kümmern.

C1: It is important that we also take care of the environment.

C2: Ich hätte auch nie gedacht, dass ich einmal so erfolgreich sein würde.

C2: I never thought that I would be so successful either.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In German, auch is a very common word and can be used in many different contexts. For example, it can be used to add an additional item to a list: 'Ich habe Äpfel, Bananen und auch Orangen gekauft' (I bought apples, bananas, and also oranges).

Auch can also be used to indicate similarity between two things or people: 'Mein Bruder ist auch sehr sportlich' (My brother is also very athletic). In this case, auch emphasizes the similarity between the speaker and their brother.

Finally, auch can be used to express agreement or confirmation: 'Ja, das denke ich auch' (Yes, I think so too). This usage of auch is similar to the English word 'too', as it indicates that the speaker shares the same opinion as someone else.

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