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Bereit is a German adjective which means ready or prepared.

Part of speech



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Meaning: ready

Bist du bereit für die Präsentation?

Are you ready for the presentation?

Meaning: prepared

Ich bin bereit, den Vertrag zu unterschreiben.

I am prepared to sign the contract.

Meaning: willing

Er ist bereit, uns bei der Renovierung zu helfen.

He is willing to help us with the renovation.

Meaning: available

Sind noch Zimmer im Hotel bereit?

Are there still rooms available in the hotel?


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A1: Bist du bereit für die Party?

A1: Are you ready for the party?

A1: Ich bin bereit, ins Kino zu gehen.

A1: I am ready to go to the cinema.

A2: Er war nicht bereit, seine Meinung zu ändern.

A2: He was not ready to change his opinion.

B1: Sie sind bereit, das Projekt abzuschließen.

B1: They are ready to complete the project.

B1: Ich werde bereit sein, wenn du ankommst.

B1: I will be ready when you arrive.

B2: Hast du dich auf die Prüfung vorbereitet? - Ja, ich bin bereit.

B2: Have you prepared for the exam? - Yes, I am ready.

C1: Nachdem er den ganzen Tag gearbeitet hatte, war er völlig erschöpft und nicht mehr bereit weiterzumachen.

C1: After working all day, he was completely exhausted and no longer willing to continue.

C1: Die Mannschaft ist bereit, ihr Bestes zu geben und das Spiel zu gewinnen.

C1: The team is ready to give their best and win the game.

C2: Obwohl er viele Rückschläge erlebt hat, ist er immer noch bereit, seine Träume zu verfolgen.

C2: Despite experiencing many setbacks, he is still ready to pursue his dreams.

Advanced Description

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The word bereit is commonly used in everyday conversations and situations. It can be used to describe someone who is ready for a task or event, such as being bereit for a meeting or presentation. It can also be used to describe an object or item that is ready for use, such as a bereites meal or a bereites room.

In addition to its literal meaning of readiness or preparation, the word bereit can also have a figurative connotation. For example, it can be used to describe someone who is emotionally or mentally prepared for a situation, such as being bereit for a difficult conversation or bereit to take on a new challenge.

Overall, the word bereit is a versatile and useful adjective in the German language. Its meaning of readiness and preparation can be applied to a wide range of situations and contexts, making it an important word to know for anyone learning German.

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