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Meaning: special

Das ist ein besonderer Tag.

This is a special day.

Meaning: particular

Ich habe eine besondere Vorliebe für Schokolade.

I have a particular preference for chocolate.

Meaning: extraordinary

Er hat eine besondere Begabung für Musik.

He has an extraordinary talent for music.

Meaning: exceptional

Sie ist eine besondere Athletin.

She is an exceptional athlete.

Meaning: distinctive

Dieses Gemälde hat einen besonderen Stil.

This painting has a distinctive style.


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A1: Das ist ein besonderer Tag.

A1: This is a special day.

A1: Sie hat eine besondere Freundin.

A1: She has a special friend.

A1: Er hat einen besonderen Beruf.

A1: He has a special profession.

B1: Das war ein besonderes Erlebnis für mich.

B1: That was a special experience for me.

B1: Ich habe eine besondere Beziehung zu meiner Familie.

B1: I have a special relationship with my family.

B1: Die Stadt hat eine besondere Atmosphäre.

B1: The city has a special atmosphere.

C1: Es ist mir eine besondere Ehre, hier zu sein.

C1: It is a special honor for me to be here.

C1: Dieses Buch hat eine besondere Bedeutung für die Literaturwelt.

C1: This book has a special significance for the world of literature.

C1: Der Künstler schafft es, in seinen Werken eine besondere Stimmung einzufangen.

C1: The artist manages to capture a special mood in his works.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German adjective 'besondere' translates to 'special' in English. It is derived from the word 'besonder', which means 'particular' or 'specific'.

'Besondere' is used to describe something that is distinct, exceptional, or out of the ordinary. It implies that the thing being described possesses unique qualities or characteristics that set it apart from others.

For example, you might use 'besondere' to describe a special event, a remarkable achievement, or an extraordinary person. It can also be used to emphasize the significance or importance of something.

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