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Meaning: brown (color)

Das Haus hat eine braune Fassade.

The house has a brown facade.

Meaning: brown (hair)

Sie hat braune Haare.

She has brown hair.

Meaning: brown (eyes)

Er hat braune Augen.

He has brown eyes.

Meaning: brown (skin)

Die Frau hat eine braune Haut.

The woman has brown skin.

Meaning: brown (animal fur)

Der Bär hat ein braunes Fell.

The bear has brown fur.


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A1: Der Hund hat braunes Fell.

The dog has brown fur.

A1: Meine Schwester hat braune Haare.

My sister has brown hair.

A1: Das ist ein brauner Stuhl.

That is a brown chair.

B1: Die braune Katze spielt im Garten.

The brown cat is playing in the garden.

B1: Ich habe mir eine neue braune Jacke gekauft.

I bought myself a new brown jacket.

B1: Er hat einen braunen Koffer verloren.

He lost a brown suitcase.

C1: Die braunen Blätter fallen von den Bäumen.

The brown leaves are falling from the trees.

C1: Sie trägt ein elegantes, braunes Kleid zur Party.

She is wearing an elegant, brown dress to the party.

C1: Der alte Mann mit dem braunen Hut liest Zeitung auf der Parkbank.

The old man with the brown hat is reading a newspaper on the park bench.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German adjective 'braun' translates to the English word 'brown'. It is a color that is often associated with earth, wood, and natural materials. Brown can range from light shades like beige and tan to darker shades like chocolate and mahogany. In nature, many animals and plants have brown coloring as a form of camouflage or protection.

In German culture, the color brown has various symbolic meanings. It can represent stability, reliability, and warmth. Brown is also commonly used in traditional Bavarian clothing, such as lederhosen for men and dirndls for women. Additionally, brown is often used in interior design to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

When describing objects or people, the adjective 'braun' is used to indicate their brown color. For example, you might use 'braune Haare' (brown hair) or 'braune Augen' (brown eyes) to describe someone's physical appearance. Similarly, you could say 'ein brauner Hund' (a brown dog) or 'ein braunes Sofa' (a brown sofa) to describe the color of an object.

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