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The German adverb direkt means 'directly' or 'immediately'. It is used to describe a situation where something happens without any delay or interruption.

Part of speech



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Meaning: immediately

Er ist direkt nach Hause gegangen.

He went home immediately.

Meaning: direct

Die direkte Route ist schneller.

The direct route is faster.

Meaning: straight

Geh direkt vorwärts und dann links.

Go straight ahead and then turn left.

Meaning: straightforward

Sie hat eine direkte Art zu sprechen.

She has a straightforward way of speaking.


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A1: Ich gehe direkt nach Hause.

A1: I go straight home.

A1: Er fährt direkt zur Arbeit.

A1: He drives directly to work.

A1: Sie spricht direkt mit dem Lehrer.

A1: She speaks directly to the teacher.

B1: Ich habe ihn direkt angerufen.

B1: I called him directly.

B1: Wir werden direkt dorthin fliegen.

B1: We will fly there directly.

B1: Du musst dich direkt darum kümmern.

B1: You have to take care of it directly.

C1: Nachdem ich das Buch gelesen hatte, wusste ich direkt, dass es mein Lieblingsbuch ist.

C1: After I had read the book, I knew immediately that it is my favorite book.

C1: Die Polizei hat den Fall direkt untersucht und den Täter schnell gefasst.

C1: The police investigated the case directly and quickly caught the perpetrator.

C1: Der Direktor des Unternehmens hat die Entscheidung direkt getroffen.

C1: The director of the company made the decision directly.

Advanced Description

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In German, the word direkt is commonly used in everyday language. It can be used in various contexts such as giving directions, describing actions, or expressing opinions. For example, if someone asks for directions to a certain place, you could say 'Gehen Sie direkt geradeaus' which means 'Go straight ahead directly'.

Another common use of direkt is in business settings. In this context, it is often used to express urgency or importance. For instance, if a manager needs a report urgently, they might say 'Ich brauche den Bericht direkt' which means 'I need the report immediately'.

It is important to note that the word direkt can also have different connotations depending on the tone and context in which it is used. For example, if someone says 'Das ist direkt unhöflich' which means 'That is directly rude', it implies that the behavior being described is not only rude but also very direct and blunt.

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