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Meaning: lonely

Er fühlt sich einsam.

He feels lonely.

Meaning: solitary

Sie lebt in einem einsamen Haus am See.

She lives in a solitary house by the lake.

Meaning: isolated

Das Dorf ist einsam gelegen.

The village is isolated.

Meaning: desolate

Die Gegend war einsam und verlassen.

The area was desolate and abandoned.

Meaning: alone

Ich möchte lieber allein sein und mich einsam fühlen.

I'd rather be alone and feel lonely.


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A1: Ich bin einsam.

A1: I am lonely.

A1: Sie fühlt sich einsam.

A1: She feels lonely.

A1: Er ist oft einsam.

A1: He is often lonely.

B1: Die alte Frau lebt einsam in ihrem Haus.

B1: The old woman lives alone in her house.

B1: Nach der Trennung fühlte er sich sehr einsam.

B1: After the breakup, he felt very lonely.

B1: Einsame Menschen suchen oft nach Gesellschaft.

B1: Lonely people often seek companionship.

C1: In der Abgeschiedenheit des Waldes fühlte sie sich einsamer als je zuvor.

C1: In the seclusion of the forest, she felt lonelier than ever before.

C1: Trotz vieler Freunde fühlt er sich manchmal einsam.

C1: Despite having many friends, he sometimes feels lonely.

C1: Die Einsamkeit kann eine große Belastung sein, besonders für ältere Menschen.

C1: Loneliness can be a great burden, especially for older people.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German adjective 'einsam' translates to 'lonely' in English. It describes the feeling of being alone or isolated, often accompanied by a sense of sadness or longing for companionship.

'Einsam' can refer to both physical and emotional loneliness. It can describe a person who is physically alone, such as someone living in a remote area with few people around. It can also describe a person who feels emotionally disconnected from others, even when surrounded by people.

The word 'einsam' carries a deeper connotation than just being alone. It implies a sense of longing for connection and the absence of meaningful relationships. It is often used to express the profound emotional state that comes with being truly lonely.

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