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Meaning: fat

Sie isst gerne fettiges Essen.

She likes to eat fatty food.

Meaning: bold

Er hat eine fette Schriftart verwendet.

He used a bold font.

Meaning: greasy

Die Pfanne ist noch fett vom Braten.

The pan is still greasy from frying.

Meaning: rich

Das Essen war sehr fettig und reichhaltig.

The food was very fatty and rich.

Meaning: thick

Der Teig sollte eine fette Konsistenz haben.

The dough should have a thick consistency.


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A1: Das Essen ist fett.

A1: The food is fatty.

A1: Sie hat fettige Haare.

A1: She has greasy hair.

A1: Der Mann ist fett geworden.

A1: The man has become fat.

B1: Ich esse lieber fettarme Lebensmittel.

B1: I prefer to eat low-fat foods.

B1: Die fette Katze liegt auf dem Sofa.

B1: The fat cat is lying on the sofa.

B2: Die fette Sahne verleiht der Suppe einen reichen Geschmack.

B2: The heavy cream gives the soup a rich flavor.

C1: Er hat sich durch seine ungesunde Ernährung stark verfettet.

C1: He has become heavily overweight due to his unhealthy diet.

C1: Die fette Beute lockte den Bären an.

C1: The fat prey attracted the bear.

C2: Die fette Jahresendprämie motiviert die Mitarbeiter zusätzlich.

C2: The hefty year-end bonus provides additional motivation for the employees.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German adjective 'fett' means 'fat' in English. It is used to describe something or someone that has an excessive amount of body weight or adipose tissue.

In German, 'fett' can also be used figuratively to mean 'greasy', 'oily', or 'fatty' when referring to food or substances that contain a high amount of fat or oil.

Additionally, 'fett' can be used colloquially in German to mean 'cool', 'awesome', or 'great'. This usage is more common among younger generations and is similar to the English slang term 'fat' meaning 'excellent' or 'impressive'.

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