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Meaning: fresh (in terms of food or produce)

Die frischen Erdbeeren schmecken köstlich.

The fresh strawberries taste delicious.

Meaning: fresh (in terms of air or breeze)

Nach dem Regen ist die Luft draußen so frisch.

After the rain, the air outside is so fresh.

Meaning: fresh (in terms of appearance or look)

Sie hat einen frischen Teint und strahlende Augen.

She has a fresh complexion and radiant eyes.

Meaning: fresh (in terms of new or recent)

Ich habe gerade frische Informationen über das Projekt erhalten.

I just received fresh information about the project.

Meaning: fresh (in terms of bold or cheeky)

Er hat immer eine frische Antwort auf alles.

He always has a fresh answer to everything.


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A1: Das Brot ist frisch.

The bread is fresh.

A1: Ich trinke gerne frischen Orangensaft.

I like to drink fresh orange juice.

A1: Die Blumen riechen frisch.

The flowers smell fresh.

B1: Gestern habe ich frische Brötchen gekauft.

Yesterday I bought fresh rolls.

B1: Sie hat einen frischen Salat zubereitet.

She made a fresh salad.

B1: Der Fisch wird in frischem Zitronensaft mariniert.

The fish is marinated in fresh lemon juice.

C1: Er hat das frische Obst sorgfältig ausgewählt.

He carefully selected the fresh fruit.

C1: Die frische Luft tut mir gut.

The fresh air does me good.

C1: Wir haben eine frische Brise am Strand genossen.

We enjoyed a fresh breeze at the beach.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German adjective 'frisch' translates to 'fresh' in English. It is used to describe something that is new, recently made, or recently harvested. This can refer to food, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, or other items that are still in their original state and have not been processed or preserved.

'Frisch' can also be used to describe the weather when it is cool and invigorating, especially after a period of hot or humid conditions. In this context, it conveys a sense of freshness and renewal.

Additionally, 'frisch' can be used figuratively to describe someone who has a youthful appearance or energy. It implies vitality and liveliness.

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