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Meaning: happy

Er ist froh, dass er den Wettbewerb gewonnen hat.

He is happy that he won the competition.

Meaning: glad

Ich bin froh, dass du gekommen bist.

I am glad that you came.

Meaning: pleased

Sie war froh über das positive Feedback.

She was pleased with the positive feedback.

Meaning: content

Er fühlt sich froh und zufrieden mit seinem Leben.

He feels happy and content with his life.

Meaning: joyful

Die Kinder waren froh über die Überraschungsparty.

The children were joyful about the surprise party.


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A1: Ich bin froh.

A1: I am happy.

A1: Sie ist froh über das Geschenk.

A1: She is happy about the gift.

A1: Wir sind froh, dass du kommst.

A1: We are happy that you are coming.

B1: Er war froh, als er die Prüfung bestanden hat.

B1: He was happy when he passed the exam.

B1: Ich werde froh sein, wenn der Urlaub endlich beginnt.

B1: I will be happy when the vacation finally starts.

B1: Sie wäre froh gewesen, wenn sie den Job bekommen hätte.

B1: She would have been happy if she had gotten the job.

C1: Es macht mich froh zu sehen, wie glücklich du bist.

C1: It makes me happy to see how happy you are.

C1: Ich bin froh darüber, dass wir uns wieder versöhnt haben.

C1: I am glad that we have reconciled.

C1: Die Nachricht von ihrem Erfolg hat mich sehr froh gestimmt.

C1: The news of her success has made me very happy.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German adjective 'froh' translates to 'happy' in English. It is used to describe a state of joy, contentment, or satisfaction.

When someone is 'froh', they feel positive emotions and have a sense of well-being. This can be due to various reasons such as achieving a goal, receiving good news, or being in the company of loved ones.

'Froh' can also be used to express gratitude or appreciation for something. It is often associated with a cheerful disposition and an optimistic outlook on life.

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