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Ganz is a German adjective that means whole, complete, or entirely.

Part of speech



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Meaning: whole

Ich habe den ganzen Tag gearbeitet.

I worked the whole day.

Meaning: very

Das Essen war ganz lecker.

The food was very tasty.

Meaning: completely

Er hat das Problem ganz gelöst.

He completely solved the problem.

Meaning: quite

Das ist ganz normal.

That is quite normal.

Meaning: entirely

Sie hat das Buch ganz gelesen.

She read the book entirely.


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A1: Das ist ein ganz kleines Haus.

A1: This is a very small house.

A1: Ich habe einen ganz großen Kuchen gebacken.

A1: I baked a very big cake.

A2: Er ist ganz müde nach der Arbeit.

A2: He is very tired after work.

B1: Das Buch ist ganz interessant, aber es ist schwer zu verstehen.

B1: The book is quite interesting, but it is difficult to understand.

B1: Ich habe gestern Abend einen ganz lustigen Film gesehen.

B1: Last night I watched a really funny movie.

B2: Sie hat sich ganz gut von ihrer Krankheit erholt.

B2: She has recovered quite well from her illness.

C1: Der Vortrag war ganz hervorragend und hat mich sehr beeindruckt.

C1: The lecture was absolutely excellent and impressed me a lot.

C1: Die Aussicht von hier oben ist einfach nur ganz fantastisch.

C1: The view from up here is simply absolutely fantastic.

C2: Die ganze Situation ist äußerst kompliziert und erfordert eine genaue Analyse.

C2: The whole situation is extremely complicated and requires a detailed analysis.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In German, ganz is used to describe something that is complete or whole. It can refer to physical objects, such as a whole cake or a complete set of tools. It can also be used to describe abstract concepts, such as a complete understanding of a topic or a wholehearted commitment to a cause.

The word ganz can also be used to emphasize the entirety of something. For example, if someone says they ate the ganz Kuchen (whole cake), it means they ate the entire cake and not just a slice. Similarly, if someone says they are ganz sicher (completely sure), it means they have no doubts whatsoever.

It's important to note that the meaning of ganz can change depending on the context in which it is used. In some cases, it may be translated as 'quite' or 'rather' instead of 'whole' or 'complete'. As with any language, it's important to consider the context and tone when interpreting the meaning of words.

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