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Gemeinsam is a German adjective that means 'together' or 'in common'. It refers to something that is done or shared by two or more people.

Part of speech



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Meaning: together

Wir haben gemeinsam den Film gesehen.

We watched the movie together.

Meaning: common

Wir haben ein gemeinsames Ziel.

We have a common goal.

Meaning: joint

Wir haben eine gemeinsame Wohnung.

We have a joint apartment.

Meaning: mutual

Wir haben einen gemeinsamen Freund.

We have a mutual friend.

Meaning: collective

Wir haben eine gemeinsame Verantwortung.

We have a collective responsibility.


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A1: Wir gehen gemeinsam ins Kino.

A1: We go to the cinema together.

A1: Die Familie isst gemeinsam zu Abend.

A1: The family eats dinner together.

A1: Wir machen gemeinsam Hausaufgaben.

A1: We do homework together.

B1: Meine Freunde und ich haben gemeinsam eine Reise geplant.

B1: My friends and I have planned a trip together.

B1: Sie haben gemeinsam ein Buch geschrieben.

B1: They have written a book together.

B2: Wir werden gemeinsam an dem Projekt arbeiten.

B2: We will work on the project together.

B2: Er hat mir geholfen, das Problem gemeinsam zu lösen.

B2: He helped me solve the problem together.

C1: Die beiden Unternehmen haben sich zusammengeschlossen und arbeiten nun gemeinsam an neuen Produkten.

C1: The two companies have merged and are now working together on new products.

C1: Gemeinsam haben sie die Herausforderungen gemeistert und den Erfolg gefeiert.

C1: Together they have overcome the challenges and celebrated success.

C2: Die Forscher arbeiten gemeinsam an einer bahnbrechenden Entdeckung.

C2: The researchers are working together on a groundbreaking discovery.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word gemeinsam is often used in social contexts to describe activities that are done together. For example, a group of friends might go on a gemeinsamer Ausflug (an outing together) or work on a gemeinsames Projekt (a project together). In these cases, gemeinsam emphasizes the idea of collaboration and cooperation.

Gemeinsam can also be used in a more abstract sense to describe things that are shared by multiple people. For instance, a community might have gemeinsame Werte (shared values) or a family might have gemeinsames Erbe (a shared heritage). In these cases, gemeinsam highlights the idea of unity and connection.

Overall, gemeinsam is an important concept in German culture because it reflects the value placed on social cohesion and working together towards common goals. Whether it's through gemeinsame Aktivitäten (shared activities) or gemeinsame Ideale (shared ideals), the idea of gemeinsam helps to foster a sense of belonging and community.

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