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The German adjective golden refers to the color or shine of something that is similar to gold.

Part of speech



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Meaning: made of or resembling gold

Sie trägt einen goldenen Ring.

She is wearing a golden ring.

Meaning: having the color of gold

Der Sonnenuntergang war in goldenes Licht getaucht.

The sunset was bathed in golden light.

Meaning: highly valued or esteemed

Er hat eine goldene Stimme.

He has a golden voice.

Meaning: (informal) very successful or prosperous

Das Unternehmen hatte ein goldenes Jahr.

The company had a golden year.


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A1: Das ist ein goldenes Armband.

This is a golden bracelet.

A1: Die Sonne scheint golden.

The sun shines golden.

A1: Ich habe eine goldene Uhr.

I have a golden watch.

B1: Sie hat ihre Haare golden gefärbt.

She dyed her hair golden.

B1: Die Statue wurde mit einer goldenen Schicht überzogen.

The statue was coated with a layer of gold.

B1: Der Kuchen war mit goldener Glasur verziert.

The cake was decorated with golden icing.

C1: Sein Erfolg brachte ihm einen goldenen Handschlag ein.

His success earned him a golden handshake.

C1: Sie gewann die goldene Medaille bei den Olympischen Spielen.

She won the gold medal at the Olympic Games.

C1: Das Hotelzimmer war mit goldenen Verzierungen geschmückt.

The hotel room was decorated with golden embellishments.

Advanced Description

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Golden is a word commonly used to describe the color or shine of an object that resembles gold. It can be used to describe anything from jewelry, to clothing, to furniture, and even natural phenomena like sunsets or autumn leaves. The color golden is often associated with wealth, luxury, and prestige.

In addition to its literal meaning, golden can also be used figuratively to describe something as being valuable or precious. For example, a person might refer to their golden years as the time in their life when they are retired and able to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Golden can also be used to describe a moment or opportunity that is particularly special or rare.

It's worth noting that while golden is often used interchangeably with the word 'gold', there is a subtle difference between the two. Gold specifically refers to the chemical element with the symbol Au, whereas golden refers more broadly to anything that resembles or has the qualities of gold.

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