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The German adjective 'grau' translates to the English word 'gray'.

Part of speech



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Meaning: color: gray

Das Auto ist grau.

The car is gray.

Meaning: dull, boring

Der Film war ziemlich grau.

The movie was quite dull.

Meaning: unclear, vague

Seine Aussage war sehr grau.

His statement was very unclear.

Meaning: depressed, gloomy

Sie fühlte sich heute den ganzen Tag über grau.

She felt gloomy all day today.


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A1: Der Himmel ist grau.

A1: The sky is gray.

A1: Meine Katze hat graue Augen.

A1: My cat has gray eyes.

A1: Das Auto ist grau.

A1: The car is gray.

B1: Die graue Wand passt gut zur Einrichtung.

B1: The gray wall goes well with the decor.

B1: Sie trägt eine graue Jacke, um sich warm zu halten.

B1: She is wearing a gray jacket to keep warm.

B1: Er hat mir einen grauen Haaransatz gezeigt.

B1: He showed me a gray hairline.

C1: Die Farbe des Himmels verändert sich von strahlend blau zu einem düsteren Grau.

C1: The color of the sky changes from bright blue to a gloomy gray.

C1: In der Mode sind momentan viele graue Töne angesagt.

C1: Currently, many shades of gray are trendy in fashion.

C1: Das Buch beschreibt die grausame Realität des Krieges.

C1: The book describes the cruel reality of war.

Advanced Description

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Grau is a common color in nature and can be found in various shades. It is often associated with neutrality, practicality, and simplicity. Gray is a versatile color that can be used as a neutral backdrop or combined with other colors to create a sophisticated and elegant look.

In terms of symbolism, gray can represent balance, stability, and maturity. It is often used to convey a sense of seriousness or formality. Gray is also associated with wisdom and experience.

In German culture, gray is sometimes seen as a symbol of melancholy or sadness. It can also be associated with dullness or monotony. However, gray is also appreciated for its timeless and classic appeal.

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