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bright; light; pale

Part of speech



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Meaning: bright

Die Sonne scheint hell am Himmel.

The sun is shining brightly in the sky.

Meaning: light

Das Zimmer ist hell und freundlich eingerichtet.

The room is light and friendly furnished.

Meaning: pale

Sie sieht heute etwas blass und hell aus.

She looks a bit pale and light today.

Meaning: clear

Die Stimme des Sängers klingt hell und klar.

The singer's voice sounds bright and clear.

Meaning: loud

Die Musik ist viel zu hell eingestellt.

The music is set too loud.


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A1: Der Raum ist hell.

The room is bright.

A1: Die Sonne scheint hell.

The sun shines brightly.

A1: Das Licht ist hell.

The light is bright.

B1: Sie hat ein helles Lachen.

She has a bright laugh.

B1: Er trägt eine helle Jacke.

He is wearing a light jacket.

B1: Das Bild wurde hell gemalt.

The picture was painted brightly.

C1: Die hellen Farben des Gemäldes erregen Aufmerksamkeit.

The bright colors of the painting attract attention.

C1: Die Kerze flackert und wirft einen hellen Schein auf die Wand.

The candle flickers and casts a bright glow on the wall.

C1: Der Himmel leuchtet in einem hellen Blau.

The sky glows in a bright blue.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German adjective 'hell' is commonly used to describe something that is bright, light, or pale in color. It can be used to refer to the intensity of light or the lack of darkness.

In everyday language, 'hell' is often used to describe a well-lit room or a sunny day. It can also be used to describe fair skin or light-colored hair.

Additionally, 'hell' can be used metaphorically to describe something that is clear, transparent, or easily understandable.

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