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Hier is a German adverb that means 'here' in English. It refers to a location that is close to the speaker or the person being addressed.

Part of speech



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Meaning: here (in this place)

Ich bin hier.

I am here.

Meaning: now (at this time)

Ich habe gerade hier angerufen.

I just called here.

Meaning: hither (towards the speaker)

Komm hierher!

Come hither!

Meaning: in this context

Hier geht es um das Thema Umwelt.

In this context, it's about the topic of environment.


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Ich bin hier.

I am here.

Komm bitte hierher!

Please come here!

Ich habe hier mein Handy verloren.

I lost my phone here.

Hier ist es sehr schön.

It's very beautiful here.

Ich war gestern hier und habe dich nicht gesehen.

I was here yesterday and didn't see you.

Wenn du hier gewesen wärst, hättest du es gesehen.

If you had been here, you would have seen it.

Ich werde hier bleiben, bis der Regen aufhört.

I will stay here until the rain stops.

Wir haben uns hier vor 5 Jahren kennengelernt.

We met each other here 5 years ago.

Ich hätte nie gedacht, dass ich mal hier leben würde.

I never thought I would live here one day.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word hier is often used to indicate a physical location, such as 'Ich bin hier' (I am here). This can be useful when giving directions or describing where something is located. For example, 'Die Bank ist hier um die Ecke' (The bank is around the corner here).

In addition to its literal meaning, hier can also be used to refer to a point in time. For instance, 'Ich habe gestern hier angerufen' (I called here yesterday) implies that the speaker made a phone call to the same place they are currently at. Similarly, 'Wir haben uns hier vor zwei Jahren kennengelernt' (We met here two years ago) refers to a specific moment in the past.

It's worth noting that hier is not always interchangeable with da (there), which is another common German adverb of location. While both words refer to a place, da generally indicates a more distant location from the speaker or listener. So if someone says 'Ich gehe dorthin' (I'm going there), they might mean a place that's farther away than if they said 'Ich gehe hierhin' (I'm going here).

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