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Hoch is a German adverb that means high or tall. It can also be used to describe something that is elevated or above a certain level.

Part of speech



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Meaning: high

Der Ball flog hoch in die Luft.

The ball flew high into the air.

Meaning: loudly

Er sang laut und hoch.

He sang loudly and high-pitched.

Meaning: expensive

Das Restaurant ist sehr hochpreisig.

The restaurant is very expensive.

Meaning: deeply

Sie atmete tief und hoch.

She breathed deeply and heavily.


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Ich bin hoch auf den Berg geklettert.

I climbed up the mountain.

Die Preise sind in den letzten Jahren hoch gegangen.

Prices have gone up in recent years.

Er hat sich hoch verschuldet.

He got heavily into debt.

Sie hat die Musik laut und hoch gestellt.

She turned the music up loud and high.

Das Flugzeug ist sehr hoch geflogen.

The airplane flew very high.

Ich werde morgen früh aufstehen und mich hoch konzentrieren.

I will wake up early tomorrow and concentrate intensely.

Wir haben uns hoch motiviert, um das Ziel zu erreichen.

We motivated ourselves highly to achieve the goal.

Der Preis des Hauses wird wahrscheinlich noch höher steigen.

The price of the house will probably rise even higher.

Wenn ich viel Kaffee trinke, fühle ich mich oft sehr hoch.

When I drink a lot of coffee, I often feel very wired.

Advanced Description

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In German, hoch is a versatile word that can be used in many different contexts. One of the most common uses of hoch is to describe something that is physically high or tall. For example, you might use this word to describe a tall building or a mountain peak. In this context, hoch is often used in combination with other words to provide more specific information about the height or elevation of an object.

Hoch can also be used to describe something that is figuratively high or elevated. For example, you might say that someone has a 'hocher IQ' to indicate that they are very intelligent. Similarly, you might use hoch to describe someone's social status or position within an organization. In these cases, hoch is often used in conjunction with other adjectives or nouns to provide additional information.

Finally, it's worth noting that hoch can also be used as part of various idiomatic expressions and phrases in German. For example, the phrase 'hoch und heilig' (literally 'high and holy') is used to indicate that something is very important or sacred. Similarly, the expression 'die Daumen hochhalten' (literally 'to hold up one's thumbs') means to wish someone good luck or success.

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