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je is a German adverb that means 'ever' or 'each'. It is used to express the idea of something happening at any time or in every instance.

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Meaning: ever

Ich habe dich noch nie so glücklich gesehen wie je zuvor.

I have never seen you so happy as ever before.

Meaning: each

Je Mann erhält ein Geschenk.

Each man receives a gift.

Meaning: per

Die Miete beträgt 500 Euro je Monat.

The rent is 500 euros per month.

Meaning: ever (in comparisons)

Er ist der beste Spieler, den ich je gesehen habe.

He is the best player I have ever seen.


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A1: Ich esse je einen Apfel.

A1: I eat one apple each.

A1: Wir trinken je eine Tasse Kaffee.

A1: We drink one cup of coffee each.

A2: Er bekommt je fünf Euro Taschengeld pro Woche.

A2: He receives five euros pocket money each week.

B1: Je mehr ich übe, desto besser werde ich.

B1: The more I practice, the better I become.

B1: Je länger der Film dauert, desto langweiliger wird er.

B1: The longer the movie lasts, the more boring it becomes.

B2: Je öfter ich ins Fitnessstudio gehe, desto fitter fühle ich mich.

B2: The more often I go to the gym, the fitter I feel.

C1: Je nachdem, wie viel Zeit ich habe, kann ich entweder lesen oder fernsehen.

C1: Depending on how much time I have, I can either read or watch TV.

C1: Je früher wir losfahren, desto weniger Verkehr werden wir haben.

C1: The earlier we leave, the less traffic we will encounter.

C2: Je sorgfältiger du arbeitest, desto zufriedener wird dein Chef sein.

C2: The more carefully you work, the more satisfied your boss will be.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The adverb je is commonly used in German to indicate an indefinite or unlimited occurrence. It can be used in various contexts, such as expressing frequency, duration, or comparison.

When used with a noun, je can mean 'each' or 'every', indicating that something happens in every instance. For example, 'je Tag' means 'each day' or 'every day'.

Je can also be used to express the idea of 'ever', indicating that something happens at any time. For example, 'je mehr desto besser' means 'the more the better' or 'ever more so much the better'.

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