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Meaning: clear

Das Wasser ist klar.

The water is clear.

Meaning: obvious

Es ist klar, dass er lügt.

It is obvious that he is lying.

Meaning: understandable

Die Anweisungen sind nicht klar.

The instructions are not understandable.

Meaning: transparent

Das Glas ist klar.

The glass is transparent.

Meaning: distinct

Sie hat eine klare Stimme.

She has a distinct voice.


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A1: Das Wasser ist klar.

The water is clear.

A1: Ich habe eine klare Antwort.

I have a clear answer.

A1: Die Anweisungen sind klar und einfach.

The instructions are clear and simple.

B1: Es ist klar, dass er nicht kommen wird.

It is clear that he will not come.

B1: Sie hat mir klar gemacht, dass sie keine Zeit hat.

She made it clear to me that she has no time.

B2: Er hat sich klar gegen die Entscheidung ausgesprochen.

He clearly spoke out against the decision.

C1: Es war von Anfang an klar, dass das Projekt scheitern würde.

It was clear from the beginning that the project would fail.

C1: Der Politiker konnte seine Position klar und überzeugend darlegen.

The politician was able to present his position clearly and convincingly.

C2: Die Zeichen waren eindeutig und ließen keinen Zweifel daran, dass etwas Schlimmes passiert war.

The signs were clear and left no doubt that something bad had happened.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German adjective 'klar' means 'clear' in English. It is used to describe something that is easily understood, transparent, or free from confusion.

In everyday language, 'klar' can be used to express agreement or confirmation. For example, if someone asks if you understand something, you can respond with 'klar' to indicate that you do.

Additionally, 'klar' can also be used to describe the weather when it is sunny and cloudless. In this context, it implies a clear sky without any obstructions.

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