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Kurz is a German adjective that translates to 'short' in English.

Part of speech



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Meaning: short in length

Der Rock ist kurz.

The skirt is short.

Meaning: brief in duration

Die Besprechung war kurz.

The meeting was brief.

Meaning: concise or to the point

Seine Antwort war kurz.

His answer was concise.

Meaning: low in height

Der Tisch ist kurz.

The table is low.


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A1: Das Kleid ist kurz.

The dress is short.

A1: Der Film war kurz.

The movie was short.

A1: Ich habe einen kurzen Rock gekauft.

I bought a short skirt.

B1: Die Präsentation war kurz, aber informativ.

The presentation was short but informative.

B1: Er hat mir eine kurze Zusammenfassung gegeben.

He gave me a brief summary.

B1: Sie haben ein kurzes Treffen vereinbart.

They arranged a brief meeting.

C1: Die Zeit verging wie im Flug, es war so kurzweilig.

Time flew by, it was so entertaining.

C1: Der Vortragende hielt einen kurzen Exkurs über die Geschichte des Themas.

The speaker made a brief digression about the history of the topic.

C1: Nach einer kurzen Bedenkzeit entschied er sich für den Jobwechsel.

After a short period of consideration, he decided to change jobs.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word kurz is commonly used to describe the length of an object or duration of time. For example, if someone asks for a short pencil in German, they would say 'einen kurzen Bleistift bitte'. Similarly, if someone wants to say that a meeting will be short, they would say 'das Meeting wird kurz sein'.

In addition to describing physical length and time duration, kurz can also be used to describe something brief or concise. For instance, a summary of a long article could be described as 'eine kurze Zusammenfassung'. Similarly, if someone gives a brief explanation, it could be referred to as 'eine kurze Erklärung'.

It's important to note that the meaning of kurz can vary depending on the context in which it is used. It can also have different forms depending on the gender and case of the noun it is modifying. However, in general, it is a versatile adjective that can be used in many different situations to convey the idea of something being short or brief.

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