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Lang is a German adjective that means long or extended in space or time.

Part of speech



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Meaning: long (in length or duration)

Die Schlange vor dem Eingang war sehr lang.

The line in front of the entrance was very long.

Meaning: tedious, boring

Der Vortrag war sehr langweilig.

The lecture was very tedious.

Meaning: tall (for a person or object)

Er ist ein sehr großer und langer Mann.

He is a very tall and long man.

Meaning: distant (in space or time)

Wir haben uns schon lange nicht mehr gesehen.

We haven't seen each other for a long time.

Meaning: linguistically complex

Deutsche Grammatik kann sehr langwierig sein.

German grammar can be very linguistically complex.


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Ich habe eine langweilige Geschichte gelesen.

I read a boring story.

Mein Bruder ist sehr langsam beim Essen.

My brother is very slow when eating.

Die Strecke zum Flughafen war sehr lang.

The route to the airport was very long.

Das Konzert war lang genug, um alle Lieder zu spielen.

The concert was long enough to play all the songs.

Wir haben lange über das Thema diskutiert.

We discussed the topic for a long time.

Er hat schon lange nicht mehr angerufen.

He hasn't called in a long time.

Ich werde morgen einen langen Spaziergang machen.

Tomorrow I will take a long walk.

Der Film war so lang, dass ich eingeschlafen bin.

The movie was so long that I fell asleep.

Sie hatte lange Zeit gebraucht, um sich von der Trennung zu erholen.

She had taken a long time to recover from the breakup.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word lang is commonly used to describe something that has an extended length, such as a long road or a long book. It can also refer to a duration of time, such as a long day at work or a long vacation. In both cases, the word conveys the idea of something that is stretched out or prolonged.

In addition to its literal meaning, lang can also be used figuratively to describe something that seems to take a long time or feels drawn out. For example, someone might say they had a lang week at work if it felt like it dragged on forever. Similarly, a movie or book that seems to go on and on without end could be described as lang.

It's worth noting that lang is often used in combination with other words to create compound adjectives. For instance, langsam means slow or slowly, while langweilig means boring or tedious. These compound adjectives can help convey more specific meanings and nuances.

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