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A link is a connection between two things, allowing for easy access or transfer of information.

Part of speech





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Meaning: link (in a chain)

Der Mechanismus ist kaputt, weil ein Link fehlt.

The mechanism is broken because a link is missing.

Meaning: link (on the internet)

Ich habe einen interessanten Link zu einem Artikel gefunden.

I found an interesting link to an article.

Meaning: link (connection between things)

Es besteht eine enge Verbindung zwischen den beiden Ereignissen.

There is a close link between the two events.

Meaning: link (surname)

Mein Nachname ist Link.

My last name is Link.


This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Ich habe einen Link zu einem interessanten Artikel erhalten.

I received a link to an interesting article.

Kannst du mir den Link zur Webseite schicken?

Can you send me the link to the website?

Der Link funktioniert nicht mehr.

The link doesn't work anymore.

Sie hat den Link in ihrer E-Mail geteilt.

She shared the link in her email.

Wir sollten den Link auf unserer Website aktualisieren.

We should update the link on our website.

Er hat den Link kopiert und in die Chatgruppe eingefügt.

He copied the link and pasted it into the chat group.

Der Link wird automatisch generiert, sobald das Formular abgeschickt wird.

The link will be generated automatically once the form is submitted.

Hast du den Link schon angeklickt?

Have you already clicked on the link?

Die Webseite enthält viele nützliche Links zu weiteren Informationen.

The website contains many useful links to additional information.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In the context of the internet, a link refers to a clickable element on a webpage that takes you to another page or website. These links can be text-based or image-based and are often underlined or highlighted in some way to indicate their clickable nature. Links are an essential part of navigating the web and allow users to easily access information from one source to another.

Links can also refer to physical connections between objects or places. For example, a chain link connects two pieces of chain together, while a train link connects two sections of railway track. In this sense, links serve as connectors that allow for movement or transfer between different parts of a system.

In linguistics, link can also refer to a word or phrase that connects clauses or sentences together. These links can take many forms, such as conjunctions (and, but), relative pronouns (who, which), or adverbs (however, therefore). The function of these links is to create coherence and flow in written or spoken language.

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