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The German numeral neun means 'nine' in English.

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Meaning: nine

Ich habe neun Äpfel gekauft.

I bought nine apples.

Meaning: nonet

Das Konzert wird von einem Neunergesang aufgeführt.

The concert is performed by a nonet.

Meaning: ninth

Er hat den neunten Platz im Rennen belegt.

He finished ninth in the race.

Meaning: novena

Sie betete eine neuntägige Novene für ihre kranke Mutter.

She prayed a nine-day novena for her sick mother.

Meaning: neufchatel cheese

Ich mag mein Baguette mit Neunerkäse.

I like my baguette with neufchatel cheese.


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A1: Ich habe neun Äpfel gekauft.

A1: I bought nine apples.

A1: Es sind neun Schüler in der Klasse.

A1: There are nine students in the class.

A1: Der Zug fährt um neun Uhr ab.

A1: The train departs at nine o'clock.

B1: Das Buch kostet neun Euro.

B1: The book costs nine euros.

B1: Er hat neun Jahre in Deutschland gelebt, bevor er nach Frankreich gezogen ist.

B1: He lived in Germany for nine years before moving to France.

B1: Die Veranstaltung findet am neunten November statt.

B1: The event takes place on the ninth of November.

C1: Sie wird erst in neun Jahren ihr Studium abschließen.

C1: She will only complete her studies in nine years.

C1: Nach neun Monaten intensiven Trainings gewann er den Wettkampf.

C1: After nine months of intense training, he won the competition.

C1: In neun Tagen fliegen wir nach Australien.

C1: In nine days, we will fly to Australia.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Neun is the cardinal number that comes after acht (eight) and before zehn (ten) in the German counting system. It is written as '9' in Arabic numerals.

In German, neun is pronounced as [nɔɪ̯n]. The pronunciation of the vowel sound 'eu' can be challenging for non-native speakers, as it does not have an exact equivalent in English.

Like other cardinal numbers, neun can be used to express quantity or to indicate a position in a sequence. For example, 'Ich habe neun Äpfel' means 'I have nine apples', and 'Das ist das neunte Buch' means 'This is the ninth book'.

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