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Nichts is a German pronoun that means 'nothing' in English. It is used to indicate the absence of something or the lack of anything.

Part of speech



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Meaning: nothing

Ich habe nichts zu sagen.

I have nothing to say.

Meaning: not anything

Er hat nichts gegessen.

He hasn't eaten anything.

Meaning: no

Es gibt nichts zu tun.

There is nothing to do.

Meaning: none

Von den Keksen ist nichts mehr übrig.

There is none of the cookies left.

Meaning: nobody

Nichts hat mich angerufen.

Nobody called me.


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A1: Ich habe nichts zu essen.

I have nothing to eat.

A1: Er hat nichts gesehen.

He saw nothing.

A1: Sie sagt nichts.

She says nothing.

B1: Hast du nichts gehört?

Did you not hear anything?

B1: Wir haben nichts gefunden.

We found nothing.

B1: Ihr habt nichts gesagt.

You all didn't say anything.

C1: Ich habe nichts dagegen einzuwenden.

I have no objection against it.

C1: Es gibt nichts Wichtigeres als die Gesundheit.

There is nothing more important than health.

C1: Er hat nichts davon gewusst.

He knew nothing about it.

Advanced Description

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In German, nichts is a very common word and is often used in everyday conversations. It can be used as a standalone word or as part of a sentence. For example, 'Ich habe nichts zu sagen' means 'I have nothing to say'.

Nichts can also be used in negative sentences to express negation. For instance, 'Er hat nichts gesehen' translates to 'He has not seen anything'.

It is important to note that nichts is an indefinite pronoun, which means it does not refer to any specific thing or object. Instead, it refers to the absence of something in general.

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