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noch is a German adverb that can be translated to 'still', 'yet', or 'even'. It is used to indicate that something is continuing to happen, has not happened yet, or is surprising in some way.

Part of speech



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Meaning: still/yet

Ich habe noch nicht gegessen.

I haven't eaten yet.

Meaning: even/furthermore

Ich habe noch mehr Arbeit zu tun.

I have even more work to do.

Meaning: besides/moreover

Ich mag Pizza, aber ich esse noch lieber Pasta.

I like pizza, but I prefer pasta moreover.

Meaning: anyway/nevertheless

Es ist kalt draußen, aber ich gehe trotzdem noch spazieren.

It's cold outside, but I'm going for a walk anyway.


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A1: Ich bin noch müde.

I am still tired.

A1: Wir haben noch Zeit.

We still have time.

A1: Kannst du mir noch Wasser geben?

Can you give me some more water?

B1: Ich habe noch nie so etwas erlebt.

I have never experienced something like this before.

B1: Sie hat noch nicht entschieden, ob sie kommt oder nicht.

She hasn't decided yet whether she will come or not.

B1: Er wird noch lange darüber nachdenken müssen.

He will have to think about it for a long time.

C1: Noch während des Gesprächs wurde er von einem Anruf unterbrochen.

He was interrupted by a phone call even during the conversation.

C1: Die Firma hat noch immer keine Entscheidung getroffen.

The company still hasn't made a decision.

C1: Wenn ich das gewusst hätte, hätte ich noch früher angefangen zu lernen.

If I had known that, I would have started studying even earlier.

Advanced Description

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The word noch is commonly used in German to express the continuation of an action. For example, 'Ich arbeite noch' means 'I am still working'. In this context, noch emphasizes that the action of working is ongoing and has not yet been completed. Similarly, 'Er schläft noch' means 'He is still sleeping', indicating that the person is not yet awake.

Noch can also be used to express surprise or emphasis. For instance, 'Das ist noch teurer als erwartet' means 'That is even more expensive than expected'. Here, noch emphasizes the unexpectedness of the high price. Another example is 'Noch besser!' which translates to 'Even better!', emphasizing the positive quality of something.

In addition to its common uses, noch can also be found in various idiomatic expressions such as 'noch einmal' (once again) and 'noch lange nicht' (far from it). Understanding the different contexts in which noch can be used is important for mastering the German language.

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