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Oben is a German adverb that means 'above' or 'up'. It refers to the direction towards the top or upper part of something.

Part of speech



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Meaning: up, above

Das Buch liegt oben auf dem Regal.

The book is lying up on the shelf.

Meaning: top, highest point

Der Gipfel des Berges ist oben.

The summit of the mountain is at the top.

Meaning: before, previously mentioned

Wie oben erwähnt, müssen wir das Problem lösen.

As mentioned above, we need to solve the problem.

Meaning: in the north (of a region)

Berlin liegt oben im Norden Deutschlands.

Berlin is located in the north of Germany.


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Ich habe das Buch oben auf dem Regal gefunden.

I found the book on top of the shelf.

Bitte setzen Sie sich oben auf den Stuhl.

Please sit on top of the chair.

Die Wolken sind oben am Himmel.

The clouds are up in the sky.

Oben angekommen, genossen wir die Aussicht.

Having arrived at the top, we enjoyed the view.

Der Chef hat uns von oben herab behandelt.

The boss treated us condescendingly.

Ich werde oben im Hotelzimmer bleiben.

I will stay in the hotel room upstairs.

Wir haben oben auf der Liste gestanden.

We were at the top of the list.

Oben rechts auf dem Bildschirm befindet sich das Menü.

The menu is located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Sie hat sich nach oben gearbeitet und ist jetzt Abteilungsleiterin.

She worked her way up and is now a department manager.

Advanced Description

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In German, oben is commonly used to indicate a physical location or position. For example, if someone asks where an object is located, you might respond by saying it is oben, meaning it is above or on top of something else. Similarly, if you are giving directions and want someone to go up a flight of stairs, you might say 'Gehen Sie die Treppe oben', which translates to 'Go up the stairs'.

However, oben can also be used in a more abstract sense. For instance, you might use it to describe a higher level of authority or power. In this context, it could be translated as 'higher up' or 'at the top'. Additionally, it can be used to describe a higher level of quality or excellence. For example, if someone says 'Das ist oben', they mean that something is of high quality or superior.

It's important to note that there are other words in German that can be used interchangeably with oben depending on the context. For example, über can also mean 'above' or 'over', but it typically implies a greater distance than oben. On the other hand, aufwärts can be used to indicate movement upwards, but it doesn't necessarily refer to a specific location like oben does.

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