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Obere is a German adjective that means upper or top.

Part of speech



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Meaning: upper

Die obere Etage ist für Büros reserviert.

The upper floor is reserved for offices.

Meaning: top

Der obere Teil des Berges ist mit Schnee bedeckt.

The top part of the mountain is covered in snow.

Meaning: higher

Das obere Regal ist schwer zu erreichen.

The higher shelf is hard to reach.

Meaning: superior

Die obere Mannschaft hat das Spiel gewonnen.

The superior team won the game.

Meaning: uppermost

Die obere Taste öffnet die Tür.

The uppermost button opens the door.


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A1: Das obere Regal ist leer.

The upper shelf is empty.

A1: Ich wohne in der oberen Etage.

I live on the upper floor.

A1: Der obere Knopf ist abgefallen.

The top button has fallen off.

B1: Die obere Hälfte des Kuchens ist noch übrig.

The upper half of the cake is still left.

B1: Er hat die obere Position in der Firma erreicht.

He has reached the upper position in the company.

B2: Die obere Schublade klemmt manchmal.

The top drawer sometimes gets stuck.

C1: Das obere Management hat eine wichtige Entscheidung getroffen.

The upper management has made an important decision.

C1: In der oberen Atmosphäre treten chemische Reaktionen auf.

Chemical reactions occur in the upper atmosphere.

C2: Die obere Grenze für das Gehalt wurde angehoben.

The upper limit for the salary has been raised.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In German, obere is used to describe something that is located at the top or upper part of something else. For example, 'obere Etage' means the upper floor of a building, and 'obere Regalreihe' means the top shelf in a bookcase.

The word obere can also be used to describe the higher or more important of two things. For instance, 'obere Schicht' refers to the higher social class, while 'untere Schicht' refers to the lower social class.

Additionally, obere can be used to indicate a position of authority or power. For example, 'obere Behörde' means the higher authority, and 'obere Führungsebene' means the top management level.

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