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Obwohl is a German conjunction that expresses a contrast or contradiction between two clauses. It is used to introduce a subordinate clause that contradicts the main clause.

Part of speech



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Meaning: although

Obwohl es regnete, gingen wir spazieren.

Although it was raining, we went for a walk.

Meaning: even though

Obwohl er müde war, blieb er auf der Party.

Even though he was tired, he stayed at the party.

Meaning: though

Er ist klein, obwohl er älter aussieht.

He is short, though he looks older.

Meaning: despite

Obwohl sie viel arbeitet, verdient sie wenig Geld.

Despite working a lot, she earns little money.

Meaning: while

Obwohl ich warte, kommt niemand.

While I'm waiting, nobody comes.


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A1: Obwohl es regnet, gehe ich spazieren.

Even though it's raining, I go for a walk.

A1: Obwohl er müde ist, bleibt er wach.

Even though he is tired, he stays awake.

A1: Obwohl sie krank ist, geht sie zur Arbeit.

Even though she is sick, she goes to work.

B1: Obwohl ich Deutsch lerne, verstehe ich nicht alles.

Although I am learning German, I don't understand everything.

B1: Obwohl er viel trainiert hat, hat er das Rennen verloren.

Even though he trained a lot, he lost the race.

B1: Obwohl wir uns gestritten haben, sind wir immer noch Freunde.

Despite having argued, we are still friends.

C1: Obwohl ich ihn seit Jahren nicht gesehen habe, erkenne ich ihn sofort wieder.

Although I haven't seen him in years, I recognize him immediately.

C1: Obwohl sie wenig Erfahrung hatte, hat sie die Prüfung mit Bravour bestanden.

Even though she had little experience, she passed the exam with flying colors.

C1: Obwohl das Projekt schwierig war, haben wir es rechtzeitig abgeschlossen.

Despite the project being difficult, we completed it on time.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Obwohl is a subordinating conjunction in German, which means it connects two clauses where one of them depends on the other. The first clause is the main clause, and the second clause is the subordinate clause introduced by obwohl. The subordinate clause usually contains information that contradicts what is said in the main clause.

Obwohl can be translated into English as 'although' or 'even though'. It is important to note that obwohl always introduces a subordinate clause, so it cannot stand alone as a sentence. Instead, it must be followed by a main clause to complete the sentence.

Obwohl is commonly used in spoken and written German, and it is an essential word to know if you want to express contrasts or contradictions in your speech or writing. It is also frequently used in academic writing, especially when discussing opposing viewpoints or arguments.

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