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Oft is a German adverb that means frequently or often.

Part of speech



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Meaning: often

Ich gehe oft ins Kino.

I often go to the cinema.

Meaning: frequently

Sie besucht oft ihre Großeltern.

She frequently visits her grandparents.

Meaning: many times

Er hat das schon oft gemacht.

He has done that many times already.

Meaning: repeatedly

Der Hund bellt oft laut und wiederholt.

The dog often barks loudly and repeatedly.

Meaning: regularly

Wir treffen uns oft zum Abendessen.

We regularly meet for dinner.


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A1: Ich gehe oft ins Kino.

A1: I often go to the cinema.

A1: Er isst oft Pizza zum Abendessen.

A1: He often eats pizza for dinner.

A1: Wir treffen uns oft im Park.

A1: We often meet in the park.

B1: Sie hat oft von ihrem Urlaub erzählt.

B1: She often talked about her vacation.

B1: Ich werde oft gefragt, ob ich Deutsch spreche.

B1: I am often asked if I speak German.

B1: Du solltest dich öfter ausruhen.

B1: You should rest more often.

C1: Seitdem ich angefangen habe zu arbeiten, bin ich oft gestresst.

C1: Since I started working, I have been often stressed.

C1: Die Firma hat sich oft umweltfreundliche Maßnahmen bemüht.

C1: The company has often made efforts towards environmental measures.

C1: Er wird oft als Experte auf dem Gebiet bezeichnet.

C1: He is often referred to as an expert in the field.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Oft is a commonly used word in the German language and is often used to describe how frequently something occurs. It can be used in both formal and informal contexts, and is considered a standard part of everyday vocabulary.

In terms of usage, oft can be placed before or after the verb in a sentence. For example, 'Ich gehe oft ins Kino' (I often go to the cinema) and 'Ich spiele Tennis oft' (I play tennis often) are both correct ways to use the adverb.

It's important to note that while oft can be translated to 'often' in English, it doesn't always have the same frequency as the English word. In some cases, oft may indicate a higher frequency than what would be implied by 'often', while in other cases it may indicate a lower frequency.

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